Chapter 4.6- Free Day

Raina read a cooking book to improve her skill

She got promoted

She did some painting and Improved her skill

Raina went to the fall Festival. She won at Apple Bobbing and had fun in the Haunted House.

Raina threw a Costume Party and had fun socialising with the guys .

Raina repaired the shower and improved her handiness

she used the radio to do a cardio work-out

Katie had her 2nd child, a son

Raina did some upgrades

Soon Raina had enough points for a free day. Raina was made to clean the house. She then went to meet up with Harold, they finally became official and got married. Raina then moved into his high rise and they tried for a baby.

Harold’s sister Delilah was soon expecting.


Chapter 4.4- Summer

Raina impressed Oscar and made friends with him.

Raina also moved to a high rise

Raina got promoted

Raina wanted Visa Level 3 in Egypt so went on another Adventure.

Raina did some cooking

Raina got promoted.

Raina questioned a sim

Raina headed back to Egypt for more adventures and got her wish. She had Visa level 3.

Soon it was Leisure day and Riana had lots of fun at the festival. She took a photo, went skating and had stars painted on her face.

Raina also went swimming in the Ocean.

Chapter 4.3- Egypt

Raina decided to go swim naked in the market pool.

Raina used a snake charming basket

Raina wanted to get Visa Level 1 so she went on some adventures.

Raina went fishing

Raina wanted to improve her social networking skill so did some streaming

Raina went on another date with Harold and found a new way to use the arcade machines.

Soon it was time for birthdays. Caitlin and Kristofer both became elders. Katie became a Young Adult and moved out.

Raina had another great date with Harold.

Raina danced at a club in the rain but did earn some money doing so

Raina got promoted

Raina headed back to Egypt and finished off an adventure. She even worked on her logic.

Raina wanted to improve her cooking so headed to the libarby and read a cooking book.

Chapter 4.2- Adulthood

Raina went on her second date with Harold and had a massasge.

Raina is becoming a great cook too

Raina made an Igloo

She also enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.

Raina made a potion on the Chemistry table and improved her logic too

Raina searched the skies and found a star. She also improved her logic.

Raina went to the Spring Festival. She took a Spring Themed Photo, Went Skating and went on a egg hunt.

Raina enjoyed watching the stars with Harold.

Raina wanted to jump on the trampoline with her friend Ronald.

Soon Raina was a Young Adult.

Raina got a job

Raina wanted to visit Egypt. She then wanted to learn Photography so bought a skill book and read it.

Chapter 3.11- Birthdays

Caitlin started writing a new book
Little Katie became a toddler
Caitlin started teaching little Katie to walk
Raina became a child
Kristofer got promoted
Caitlin started writing a romance novel
Kristofer chose a new lifetime wish
Christoff and Kristofer had a pillow fight
Raina played with blocks
Opal read Raina a bedtime story
Caitlin did some cooking
She also started teaching Katie to talk.

Chapter 3.10- Adulthood

Caitlin and Kristofer became adults
Caitlin tickled Raina
She checked the weather
Kristoff attacked Raina with the claw
Caitlin and Kristofer played sim glubb
They also had some fun
Caitlin made a snowman
She also went to a party at her uncle Aspen’s house and chatted with her aunt Sidney.
Stuart became an Adult.
Max and Megan Broke up
The family moves to a new town Simlua Isles.
Caitlin learnt a new recipe

Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun

Caitlin decides to write her first novel.
She does some cooking
Her uncle Aspen is still close with Sidney. They married and now live together.
Her Aunt Ruby broke someone’s heart again.
Caitlin had to do some repairs around the house.
She finishes her novel and improved her writing too
She went to the winter festival and had fun taking pictures and having her face painted .
She wanted to socialise with a supernatural so introduced herself to this Alien, Fairy Hybrid
She does some cooking
Her uncle Aspen and his wife became parents
Caitlin enjoys brushing her teeth 3 times
She also unclogged the toilet improving her handiness
She also learnt a new recipe.