Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun

The Family enjoyed going on a trip to the summer festival.

Cathleen did some street art

Chad enjoyed being a dinosaur

He also loves playing in the tree house

Cathleen painted

Chad did some cleaning

Ferby did some gardening

He also enjoys playing darts

Cathleen and Ferby enjoy being romantic

Cathleen did some repairs

she also played some games


Chapter 6.12- Musical Fun

Cathleen did some painting

Chad enjoyed playing with toys

Ferby did some swimming.

Chad enjoys playing with the dolls house

Cathleen did some cooking

Cathleen repaired the sink

Cathleen did an opportunity

Cathleen wrote a book

She also did some singing

Cathleen did some working out

Cathleen walked on bot building.

Ferby got promoted

Family bonding

Cathleen played the guitar

Cathleen and Ferby had some fun

Cathleen got a new trait

Cathleen did an opportunity.

Cathleen went swimming

Chad has become quite scared as a child. He is also friendly and Absent-Minded.

Chad started playing a game

Chapter 5.1- Childhood

Harold got promoted

Raina enjoyed doing some painting

Henry enjoyed making music

Henry was soon a child who likes to make everyone laugh

He also loves to dress up, here he is pretending to be an orange astranult

doing the moonwalk

He also likes to search the galaxy, he even improved his logic

Raina still loves to paint and even improved her skill

Henry enjoys winning hop scotch games against his dad.

Making potions even if he often fails

He also likes to talk about comics

Chapter 4.7- Skills, Skills, Skills.

Raina enjoys painting

Harold made some Salad

Raina wanted to take a trip to China. She wanted to explore a Tomb so she went on a Adventure and gained A visa level. She also slept in a tomb, kissed Harold and played some chess.

Raina was soon pregnant

Raina cooked a meal and mastered the cooking skill

 Caitlin died of old age and I think Kristofer was feeling lonely so he adopted a puppy.

Raina repaired the dishwasher and improved my handiness

Raina became a aunt for the third time

Raina went into labour and had a son

Raina enjoys snuggling with Henry.

Chapter 3.12- Toddler and mummy bonding

Caitlin tickled Katie
Katie used the spring riders
And played the xylophone
Caitlin snuggled Katie
And tossed her in the air
Caitlin played darts
She cleaned
Katie became a child
Caitlin repaired the dishwasher
She had a trivia contest with Kristofer and lost
Caitlin painted a portrait of Vance
The girls enjoyed logical pursuits

Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom

Max stalks his ex and Rae and Husband Chauncey are expecting their first child.
Caitlin masters the painting skill
She and Kristofer have some fun in the leaves
Caitlin plays some chess and improves her skill
Caitlin soon found out she was expecting
With a baby on the way, the moonstones moves to the more spacious home next door that had three large bedrooms. Caitlin enjoys painting in her new bedroom.
Melanie and Trevor married. Rae had a little boy. Max and Megan have become quite close lately.
Christoff got promoted
Caitlin had a little girl she called Raina.
She made a snow angel
She wanted to get married so she and Kristofer had a private wedding on the porch.
They enjoy having pillow fights.