Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun

The Family enjoyed going on a trip to the summer festival. Cathleen did some street art Chad enjoyed being a dinosaur He also loves playing in the tree house Cathleen painted Chad did some cleaning Ferby did some gardening He also enjoys playing darts Cathleen and Ferby enjoy being romantic Cathleen did some repairs sheContinue reading “Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun”

Chapter 6.12- Musical Fun

Cathleen did some painting Chad enjoyed playing with toys Ferby did some swimming. Chad enjoys playing with the dolls house Cathleen did some cooking Cathleen repaired the sink Cathleen did an opportunity Cathleen wrote a book She also did some singing Cathleen did some working out Cathleen walked on bot building. Ferby got promoted FamilyContinue reading “Chapter 6.12- Musical Fun”

Chapter 6.11-Summer Fun

Cathleen did some laundry She also did some street art Cathleen painted She took part in an eating contest She met and made Friends with River Ferby carved a pumpkin Ferby and Cathleen being romantic skinny dipping in the hot-tub Making drinks woo-hoo in the hot-tub making out Playing video games on the computer.

Chapter 5.1- Childhood

Harold got promoted Raina enjoyed doing some painting Henry enjoyed making music Henry was soon a child who likes to make everyone laugh He also loves to dress up, here he is pretending to be an orange astranult doing the moonwalk He also likes to search the galaxy, he even improved his logic Raina stillContinue reading “Chapter 5.1- Childhood”

Chapter 4.7- Skills, Skills, Skills.

Raina enjoys painting Harold made some Salad Raina wanted to take a trip to China. She wanted to explore a Tomb so she went on a Adventure and gained A visa level. She also slept in a tomb, kissed Harold and played some chess. Raina was soon pregnant Raina cooked a meal and mastered theContinue reading “Chapter 4.7- Skills, Skills, Skills.”

Chapter 3.12- Toddler and mummy bonding

Caitlin tickled Katie Katie used the spring riders And played the xylophone Caitlin snuggled Katie And tossed her in the air Caitlin played darts She cleaned Katie became a child Caitlin repaired the dishwasher She had a trivia contest with Kristofer and lost Caitlin painted a portrait of Vance The girls enjoyed logical pursuits

Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom

Max stalks his ex and Rae and Husband Chauncey are expecting their first child. Caitlin masters the painting skill She and Kristofer have some fun in the leaves Caitlin plays some chess and improves her skill Caitlin soon found out she was expecting With a baby on the way, the moonstones moves to the moreContinue reading “Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom”

Chapter 3.6- Families

Caitlin got promoted Family news, Ruby broke up with Enrique again, Max and Rae had their birthdays and are now young adults. Caitlin wanted to work out and improved her athletic skill. More family news, Javier is now a child, Stuart and Melanie are dating, Rae and Chauncey got married and moved in together. VanceContinue reading “Chapter 3.6- Families”

Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Caitlin had to repair the toilet She went on a date with Kristofer, They had some fun in the all in 1 bathroom Caitlin went to the summer festival where she had a snow cone, took her picture and had a water balloon fight. Caitlin relaxed in the pool She did some painting Opal becameContinue reading “Chapter 3.5- Birthdays”

Chapter 3.4- Promotions

Caitlin made a writing room and got a good review She got promoted She also made a home gym She meditated Caitlin painted Family news, Aspen’s son Javier is now a toddler, Trevor is a teen who was quick to start dating. Sidney and Aspen are still as romantic as ever. Caitlin created another writingContinue reading “Chapter 3.4- Promotions”