Chapter 6.4- Handiness

Henry works on his garden

Cathleen sings

Henry plays the guitar

Cathleen finished another book

Henry got promoted

Cathleen painted

Cathleen repaired the shower/bath and gained some skill

she did some upgrading

she played the guitar

Cathleen repaired the sink

she also had her birthday


Chapter 6.3- The Move

Henry decided to re join the science career.

Cathleen is a bit of a rebel and loves to do pranks

She also enjoys using the computer

Cathleen does some laundry.

Cathleen and Henry move to Sunset Valley and buy an empty lot. They then build this awesome lot.

Henry does some gardening

Cathleen starts writing a romance novel

she does some stargazing

she works on her book

she does some cooking

Cathleen finished her book

she plays some chess

Chapter 6.1- Imaginative Games

Cathleen enjoyed playing on the rocking horse

She also likes to play dress up

Parading around as a princess

Cathleen started writing a book

Henry got a new tattoo

Cathleen finally finished her book

Henry repaired the bath

He read a bedtime story to his daughter

He did some gardening

Cathleen raked some leaves

Henry decided to change careers

Cathleen read a logic book at the library.

Chapter 1.3- The Big Surprise

Crystal was feeling hungry so decided to make herself some salad for dinner.
She and Parker are still going strong, here they are sharing a kiss at the local pool

They also love to watch the stars together on their dates, they also shared their first woo-hoo together and they had a great date.
Crystal is doing really well at work
She celebrated her promotion with Parker
She soon received another promotion
Which was a good thing as she realised she was expecting, she hopes for a girl.
She had to repair the washing machine and she didn’t let her pregnancy stop her
She played some chess
She did the laundry
And cleaned the kitchen
She did get her wish, she had a girl but not one, three of them, she named them, Amber, Opal and Ruby.

Chapter 1.1- Starting Over

Hello and welcome to the Moonstone Wishancy, Meet our founder Crystal Moonstone, her traits are hopeless romantic, neat, handy, friendly and heavy sleeper. Her lifetime wish is to be a World-Renowned Surgeon. She will be starting her legacy in Sunset Valley and will be on a normal customized lifespan. Baby- 2 days, toddlers- 6, children- 7, Teens- 10, Ya and Adults- 23 each and Elders- 18.

She purchased an unfurnished home at first as she doesn’t have much money to her name. she used her limited funds to furnish it, she will add to her home as her funds allow.

She headed to the hospital and got a job as an organ donor

Next was a trip to the science labs for a class in science.

She enjoys reading in her little book nook

I had to delete a lot of cc as my game was lagging and freezing quite a lot, so Crystal got a new hairdo

She got a new opportunity which she accepted, it was quite a simple one

She also got promoted

She made friends with Jamie and achieved the opportunity improving her work performance and realsionship with her co-workers

She sung karaoke

And cooked her first meal which thankfully didn’t burn

She got another promotion, only 7 more to go.