Chapter 6.6-Skilling

Henry did some painting Cathleen improved her logic Cathleen did some moonlighting Cathleen developed her social networking skill She collected festival tickets She took a seasonal picture she got her face painted Cathleen mastered the handiness skill Cathleen had a pillow fight with Sandi Henry carved a pumpkin Henry got promoted Cathleen made an Igloo.

Chapter 6.3- The Move

Henry decided to re join the science career. Cathleen is a bit of a rebel and loves to do pranks She also enjoys using the computer Cathleen does some laundry. Cathleen and Henry move to Sunset Valley and buy an empty lot. They then build this awesome lot. Henry does some gardening Cathleen starts writingContinue reading “Chapter 6.3- The Move”

Chapter 6.2-Teenhood

Cathleen found a star and got to name it she took a seasonal picture she made a snowman Henry got promoted Cathleen got some fairy dust Cathleen was soon a teenager she loves to make snowmen Henry taught his daughter to drive Cathleen got a job she enjoys playing chess Henry unclogged the toilet CathleenContinue reading “Chapter 6.2-Teenhood”

Chapter 5.1- Childhood

Harold got promoted Raina enjoyed doing some painting Henry enjoyed making music Henry was soon a child who likes to make everyone laugh He also loves to dress up, here he is pretending to be an orange astranult doing the moonwalk He also likes to search the galaxy, he even improved his logic Raina stillContinue reading “Chapter 5.1- Childhood”

Chapter 4.10- Passing the Torch

Raina learnt Travis sign Raina and Harold looked at the stars Harold played chess and improved his skill Raina made friends with Aisha, someone she had met in Egpyt Family news, Estevan became a child and I guess Delilah wanted a big family Raina and Harold got promoted They had a pillow fight Katie andContinue reading “Chapter 4.10- Passing the Torch”

Chapter 4.2- Adulthood

Raina went on her second date with Harold and had a massasge. Raina is becoming a great cook too Raina made an Igloo She also enjoyed jumping on the trampoline. Raina made a potion on the Chemistry table and improved her logic too Raina searched the skies and found a star. She also improved herContinue reading “Chapter 4.2- Adulthood”

Chapter 3.12- Toddler and mummy bonding

Caitlin tickled Katie Katie used the spring riders And played the xylophone Caitlin snuggled Katie And tossed her in the air Caitlin played darts She cleaned Katie became a child Caitlin repaired the dishwasher She had a trivia contest with Kristofer and lost Caitlin painted a portrait of Vance The girls enjoyed logical pursuits

Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom

Max stalks his ex and Rae and Husband Chauncey are expecting their first child. Caitlin masters the painting skill She and Kristofer have some fun in the leaves Caitlin plays some chess and improves her skill Caitlin soon found out she was expecting With a baby on the way, the moonstones moves to the moreContinue reading “Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom”

Chapter 2.6- Toddlerhood Fun

Opal got struck by lighting but that doesn’t stop her improving her logic. She also works on her daughters vocal skills Crystal loves watching her granddaughter play Opal loves tickling Caitlin Opal got promoted She practised her chess skills Opal used the telescope She did a strength workout and improved her skills She got promotedContinue reading “Chapter 2.6- Toddlerhood Fun”

Chapter 1.9- Preparing Meals

Parker and Crystal both got promotions Amber used the slip n slide She also had a pillow fight with Parker Crystal cooked Spaghetti and improved her cooking Crystal got a chance card at work Parker got promoted The children enjoyed playing in their room Parker made Salad Crystal had a chat with Ruby She alsoContinue reading “Chapter 1.9- Preparing Meals”