Chapter 2.9- Skilling

Jonah enjoys playing with dolls

Jonah is now walking, what fun and now is into anything.

I played some chess

I watched the stars with Jenni

I snuggled with my son

I love chess

I repaired the dishwasher

I had my birthday

I did some gardening

and some cleaning

Dad sung some karoake

I did the laundry

I took Jonah on a stroll around town, he wanted to get out and play in the snow but i think it was a bit too dark and cold.

My wife soon had her birthday too

I also presented a check at the school.

Chapter 2.8- Additions

Mum got promoted

I am a dad

and a great cook

I married Jennika

This is my son. He loves sports always pointing at the tv and pointing and babbling in excitement when sports are on and wakes up at the slightest noise.

I played chess

My wife had her birthday

I cleaned

I sung with the maid

Jonah is soon a toddler

Jennika taught him to talk

I cleaned the high chair

Jonah learnt to use the potty

Chapter 2.2- Birthdays

Jessica does the laundry

I made breakfast

I upgraded the toilet

I watched the cooking channel

i did the laundry

I raked some leaves

Mum had her birthday and is now an elder

My sister had her birthday too and moved out

Dad got promoted

I am doing great at school

I made a new friend

We skated on the ice

I did my homework

My mum did a play

I made another friend

I had a chat with mum

I tried basketball

I chatted with mum

Chapter 2.1- Upgrades

I chatted with his dad

I also sung Karoake

I am now a Teenager and I am proper

I enjoy reading

I upgraded the shower so it would clean itself

I am getting more and more handy

I chatted some more with dad

I raked some leaves

My sister is a great student

I enjoys jumping in the leaf piles

I watched some tv

Jessica played basketball

I upgraded the stove

Me and Jessie did our homework

Dad played darts

mum chatted online with some friends

I upgraded the sink

Chapter 1.8- Birthdays

I love the trampoline

Jessica did some writing

Chad got promoted

Jeremy is now a child. He now likes to get things off other people instead of buying it himself as well as loving summer and the couch

Jessica is brave as well as good, can sleep through anything and discplined

Jeremy enjoys playing computer games

Me and Chad watched the stars

Jeremy still loves hugs

I mastered a skill

Jeremy and Chadwick love having pillow fights

i did a mind meld

Chapter 1.6- New Arrival

Chad did some cooking

i played some hoops

I adopted a little girl, Meet Jessica

Jeremy is now a toddler

Jessica loves to clean

Jeremy likes to play inside the toy box

Jessica enjoys watching tv

Jeremy also enjoys playing the xylophone

I taught Jeremy to talk

He also likes to chatter away

I had lots of fun at the spring festival.

Chapter 1.5- Winter

My holiday bonus was great news especially with a baby on the way.

I met a new person

i did some reading

My son Jerome was born. He loves to be warm and to relax.

Me and Chadwick got married

We are still romantic

Jerome loves to be rocked

Chadwick loves the snow too

He is a very hands on dad

I had my birthday

Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch

Andrew was soon a child. He likes to be happy

Aiden tried cooking

I made a snowpal

Father and Son dance party

Aiden enjoys painting

I love the snow

Aidan had his birthday

I did some planting

I read a vampire book

I mentored my husband and son in music

I achieved my dream and now Aiden is in charge

Chapter 3.4-Romance

I cooked some dinner

Soon Andrew was a toddler

He likes pretending to drive

He also enjoys blocks play

I watched some tv

I mastered the guitar skill

I cooked dinner

I hugged my son

Andrew enjoys playing with dolls too

I embraced Aiden

I am now an adult

I spoke with Andy about his day

I made a snow angel

Me and Aiden got married