Chapter 4.8- Winter

Kristofer died of old age and Bobbie became a child.

Raina headed back to China and got Visa Level 2

Raina also learnt Karate

Raina ordered and ate some stir-fry

Raina kissed Zhen

Raina then made friends with his wife and they had a pillow fight

Raina learnt Charisma

Raina wanted to learn stir fry recipe so she headed down to the bookstore and bought the book. she then read the book learning the recipe.

Harold got promoted

Soon it was Birthday time. Harold and Raina are now adults. Henry is a toddler.

Raina had some fun in the Snow


Chapter 4.7- Skills, Skills, Skills.

Raina enjoys painting

Harold made some Salad

Raina wanted to take a trip to China. She wanted to explore a Tomb so she went on a Adventure and gained A visa level. She also slept in a tomb, kissed Harold and played some chess.

Raina was soon pregnant

Raina cooked a meal and mastered the cooking skill

 Caitlin died of old age and I think Kristofer was feeling lonely so he adopted a puppy.

Raina repaired the dishwasher and improved my handiness

Raina became a aunt for the third time

Raina went into labour and had a son

Raina enjoys snuggling with Henry.

Chapter 3.9- Making Friends

Raina loves to play with the shape sorter
She also likes playing with this dinosaur
Caitlin went into labour and her 2nd daughter Katie was born
She went to the day spa

Ruby doesn’t let her age stop her from dating the towns population. Trevor and Melanie had their baby,

Caitlin went to China and worked on her martial arts,She then wanted to come home

She impressed Israel and then made friends with him
She got promoted
She repaired the washing machine
She watched the stars with Kristofer.

Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves

The family moved to a medium sized country town called Meadow falls.

The triplets had their birthday soon after. Ruby and Amber moved out to start their adults lives but Opal stayed, she is the leader after all.
Parker is becoming quite well known
Opal joined the police department
Parker got promoted

Opal did some painting

She took a trip to china where she enjoyed exploring a secret tomb,
Parker and Crystal played chess together
Aspen became a Young Adult and moved out
Opal cleaned the bath

She also went to the summer festival and had some summer fun.

Chapter 1.4- Vacation

Crystal called her on call babysitter then headed to China. She enjoyed meeting and making friends with the locals and also some tourists. She earned a badge in Martial Arts after hitting this dummy and making it spin a few times, she gained some Athletic and Martial art skill, she went jogging and nearly broke her hand snapping blocks with her bare hands.

Once she returned home, it was fall and she headed straight down to the festival, she did some apple bobbing, she took a Seasonal Picture, she entered an eating contest which she lost and then ended up throwing up in the bushes.She got a pumpkin painted on her face and redeemed her ticket for two umbrellas.
She had to mop up

She upgraded the toilet and improved her handiness

She invited Parker over, they kissed and soon afterwards married with their three infant daughters and his ex-wife as witnesses.

They left her old house to his ex-wife and moved into parkers home, they added a nursery for the triplets
Parker managed to get himself abducted by aliens
Crystal had snuggled with Ruby
She managed to get all three girls on the same sleep schedule.
She and Parker had some fun
The triplets had their birthday and became adorable toddlers.

Opal and Amber started learning to use words.

Round 2, Door 1

We are back to the Frist door, Last round Anabelle joined the bookstore career, wrote some books and met some new people. She also explore the Summer Festival.
She improves her handiness.
Her Royalties come in.
She heads to china.
She upgrades some appliances.
She learns martial arts.
She tries egg rolls.
She returns home and throws out the trash.
She also does some cleaning
And some painting
She also goes to the fall festival.
Anabelle gets a promotion
Repairs the computer
She goes to France
She buys a candle and gets it for free
She learns how to make frog legs
8 (2)
She returns home and goes to Aquarius for a drink.
9 (2)
She does some dancing.
She upgraded the stove.
She goes out with Loki and they move in together.