Chapter 2.4- Spring

I am now 18 and love everything to be clean. I dream of becoming a tinkerer.

My logic improved

Dad did the laundry

I read a book

I got a drink at the lounge

Dad got promoted

I made breakfast

Mum used the trampoline

I went to the spring festival

I made a new friend

I used my tickets to get a umbrella

Mum chatted online

Chapter 1.6- New Arrival

Chad did some cooking

i played some hoops

I adopted a little girl, Meet Jessica

Jeremy is now a toddler

Jessica loves to clean

Jeremy likes to play inside the toy box

Jessica enjoys watching tv

Jeremy also enjoys playing the xylophone

I taught Jeremy to talk

He also likes to chatter away

I had lots of fun at the spring festival.

Chapter 2.3- Goodbye Winter

Mum got her final promotion

Me and Finn got married on the porch

I relaxed in the pool

I did some hoops

I used the computer

I was soon expecting my frist child

I enjoy making snowpals and so does Finn

Finn also enjoys rock climbing

My son Frank was born

I mastered Charisma

Family snowball fight

Cleaning time

Dad is an elder

Tulip became a young adult and moved out

Frank was soon a toddler

more fun in the snow

Basil stayed out a bit too long

He then read a book

I chatted with Lucas

i started Frank on potty training

Chapter 6.7- Spring Fun

Cathleen got promoted

Henry started making potions

Cathleen is becoming a great cook

Cathleen repaired the dishwasher

Henry got promoted

as did Cathleen

Cathleen enjoyed making drinks

she went to the spring festival

she took a seasonal photo

she practised chess in the rain

She also skated

and danced

Chapter 4.2- Adulthood

Raina went on her second date with Harold and had a massasge.

Raina is becoming a great cook too

Raina made an Igloo

She also enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.

Raina made a potion on the Chemistry table and improved her logic too

Raina searched the skies and found a star. She also improved her logic.

Raina went to the Spring Festival. She took a Spring Themed Photo, Went Skating and went on a egg hunt.

Raina enjoyed watching the stars with Harold.

Raina wanted to jump on the trampoline with her friend Ronald.

Soon Raina was a Young Adult.

Raina got a job

Raina wanted to visit Egypt. She then wanted to learn Photography so bought a skill book and read it.

Chapter 3.6- Dancing Fun


Luci maxed her logic skill


She cleaned the toilet


She played aeroplanes with her son


Toddler spam,


Kenyon got promoted


Ken and Luci tried for a baby


Luci went fishing


She had snuggle time with Liam


She went to the spring festival to dance

She got rid of ghosts in her parents house


Kenyon gained guitar skill


He also got promoted.