Chapter 6.6-Skilling

Henry did some painting Cathleen improved her logic Cathleen did some moonlighting Cathleen developed her social networking skill She collected festival tickets She took a seasonal picture she got her face painted Cathleen mastered the handiness skill Cathleen had a pillow fight with Sandi Henry carved a pumpkin Henry got promoted Cathleen made an Igloo.

Chapter 6.4- Handiness

Henry works on his garden Cathleen sings Henry plays the guitar Cathleen finished another book Henry got promoted Cathleen painted Cathleen repaired the shower/bath and gained some skill she did some upgrading she played the guitar Cathleen repaired the sink she also had her birthday

Chapter 4.7- Skills, Skills, Skills.

Raina enjoys painting Harold made some Salad Raina wanted to take a trip to China. She wanted to explore a Tomb so she went on a Adventure and gained A visa level. She also slept in a tomb, kissed Harold and played some chess. Raina was soon pregnant Raina cooked a meal and mastered theContinue reading “Chapter 4.7- Skills, Skills, Skills.”

Chapter 4.6- Free Day

Raina read a cooking book to improve her skill She got promoted She did some painting and Improved her skill Raina went to the fall Festival. She won at Apple Bobbing and had fun in the Haunted House. Raina threw a Costume Party and had fun socialising with the guys . Raina repaired the showerContinue reading “Chapter 4.6- Free Day”

Chapter 3.14- Passing on the legacy

Caitlin mastered the handiness skill She did some upgrading Katie became a teenager Caitlin repaired the washing machine She also cleaned She taught Katie to drive She learned charisma Katie did some exercise and improved her athletic skill Caitlin repaired the shower again She made a snowman Caitlin had over 100,000 rewards points so hadContinue reading “Chapter 3.14- Passing on the legacy”

Chapter 3.4- Promotions

Caitlin made a writing room and got a good review She got promoted She also made a home gym She meditated Caitlin painted Family news, Aspen’s son Javier is now a toddler, Trevor is a teen who was quick to start dating. Sidney and Aspen are still as romantic as ever. Caitlin created another writingContinue reading “Chapter 3.4- Promotions”

Chapter 2.9- Passing the torch

Opal became a partner in some businesses around town. Ruby had a little boy Opal got promoted Ruby starts dating someone new She also has her side flings Opal got promoted She works on martial arts in the snow Caitlin become a Teen Opal teaches her to drive Opal masters logic Trevor becomes a toddlerContinue reading “Chapter 2.9- Passing the torch”

Chapter 2.5- A girl

Opal and Chris are still quite romantic and are always kissing each other. Opal also has a lot of time now she’s pregnant so works on her skills, she improved her painting And her cooking She also made friends with this Celebirty for an opportunity she had She soon went into labour and headed toContinue reading “Chapter 2.5- A girl”

Round 5, Door 2

Welcome back to Door 2 Anabelle paints She goes fishing She mops the floors She jumps on the trampoline She gardens She improves her skill Repairs the bath,Handiness skill is now level 5 She dives in the pool and She then relaxes in it. She throws a pool party where she meets Edwin and theyContinue reading “Round 5, Door 2”

Round 3, Door 3

Last Round, Anabelle had a party and became good friends with Fjord. She plays on her phone She does some cooking And some painting She improves her handiness And her cooking She has a great outing with Fjord She gets promoted She gets a reward from the mayor She reads a book. She goes bowlingContinue reading “Round 3, Door 3”