Chapter 5.5- Fun in the Snow

Henry got a job at the local labs

He kissed Georgina

He made a snowman

Harold also likes to play in the snow making a army of snow angels

Henry got promoted

He also wrote a book

Henry saved up some money and moved into his own place

He upgraded his computer

He upgraded the stove

He did a presentation for work

He mastered the handiness skill

Henry started planting a garden.


Chapter 5.3- Birthdays

Henry wanted to become BFF’S with Georgina Marshall and after some jokes they were bff’s.

Henry repaired the toilet

He even checked the stove

Henry and Georgina enjoy having pillow fight

Henry brushes his teeth over and over again

Henry had his frist kiss

Henry is the handyman again

Harold and Raina became elders

Henry repaired the dishwasher

Harold and Henry love to argue over comics

Henry was soon a Young Adult who loves to garden

Chapter 5.2- Worrying

Henry washed his hands three times, I wonder why

He loves to play on the pirate boat rider

He wanted to throw a slumber party to get to know his new school friends better

He loves to play on the rocket too

He’s now a dinosaur on the hunt for lunch

He had a chat with his mum about food

He found another star

Harold got promoted

Henry became a teenager

Harold got another promotion

Henry repaired the computer

Chapter 5.1- Childhood

Harold got promoted

Raina enjoyed doing some painting

Henry enjoyed making music

Henry was soon a child who likes to make everyone laugh

He also loves to dress up, here he is pretending to be an orange astranult

doing the moonwalk

He also likes to search the galaxy, he even improved his logic

Raina still loves to paint and even improved her skill

Henry enjoys winning hop scotch games against his dad.

Making potions even if he often fails

He also likes to talk about comics

Chapter 4.10- Passing the Torch

Raina learnt Travis sign

Raina and Harold looked at the stars

Harold played chess and improved his skill

Raina made friends with Aisha, someone she had met in Egpyt

Family news, Estevan became a child and I guess Delilah wanted a big family

Raina and Harold got promoted

They had a pillow fight

Katie and her family moved to a new house and daughter Bonnie became a teenager.

Raina tossed Henry in the air

Raina got promoted achieving her lifetime wish, Henry is now the heir

Chapter 4.9- The New House

Raina potty trained Henry

She taught him to walk too

Delilah is expecting her 2nd child, at least it’s with the same dad.

Henry enjoys making music with the Xylophone

Raina taught Henry to talk

Raina made a snow angel

Katie became a Adult

Raina enjoys spending quality time with her son, tossing him in the air and chatting with him.

Now that Henry is walking they moved to an empty lot and this house was bluith for them to live in.

Raina let Henry play on the Spring riders then snuggled with him

Raina and Harold played Chess together

Chapter 4.8- Winter

Kristofer died of old age and Bobbie became a child.

Raina headed back to China and got Visa Level 2

Raina also learnt Karate

Raina ordered and ate some stir-fry

Raina kissed Zhen

Raina then made friends with his wife and they had a pillow fight

Raina learnt Charisma

Raina wanted to learn stir fry recipe so she headed down to the bookstore and bought the book. she then read the book learning the recipe.

Harold got promoted

Soon it was Birthday time. Harold and Raina are now adults. Henry is a toddler.

Raina had some fun in the Snow