Chapter 2.2- Birthdays

Jessica does the laundry

I made breakfast

I upgraded the toilet

I watched the cooking channel

i did the laundry

I raked some leaves

Mum had her birthday and is now an elder

My sister had her birthday too and moved out

Dad got promoted

I am doing great at school

I made a new friend

We skated on the ice

I did my homework

My mum did a play

I made another friend

I had a chat with mum

I tried basketball

I chatted with mum

Chapter 1.6- New Arrival

Chad did some cooking

i played some hoops

I adopted a little girl, Meet Jessica

Jeremy is now a toddler

Jessica loves to clean

Jeremy likes to play inside the toy box

Jessica enjoys watching tv

Jeremy also enjoys playing the xylophone

I taught Jeremy to talk

He also likes to chatter away

I had lots of fun at the spring festival.

Chapter 1.5- Winter

My holiday bonus was great news especially with a baby on the way.

I met a new person

i did some reading

My son Jerome was born. He loves to be warm and to relax.

Me and Chadwick got married

We are still romantic

Jerome loves to be rocked

Chadwick loves the snow too

He is a very hands on dad

I had my birthday

Chapter 1.4- Free Day

I made a new friend

I love making snow angels

I also enjoy playing hoops

I did some working out

Hello, there, It’s the sim controller, i managed to get control for one day. Annabel met Chadwick through the sim finder app and they made a baby. Now it’s Annabel’s turn to speak again.

Yesterday was a weird day, i felt like a puppet but i am fine today, i even got promoted

I went to a club

I played some foosball

me and Fjord made a snowman

i started reading at the libarby

I soon found out i was pregnant

I mastered gardening

Chapter 1.3- Experiencing the weather

I had fun jumping in leaves even if it was raining

I cleaned the toilet

I met someone new

I took a gardening class

I started a garden too

I went fishing

I got promoted

I went out for a drink

I watered my plants

I did some exersize

I went jogging in the snow

Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch

Andrew was soon a child. He likes to be happy

Aiden tried cooking

I made a snowpal

Father and Son dance party

Aiden enjoys painting

I love the snow

Aidan had his birthday

I did some planting

I read a vampire book

I mentored my husband and son in music

I achieved my dream and now Aiden is in charge

Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun

Mum got promoted

I worked on my piano skill

I made a snowpal with Fiona

I also made a snow angel

I did some painting

I made a snowpal with mum

Dad died

I looked at paintings in the museum

I went ice-skating

Mum became an elder

I met Aiden

We did some cloudgazing

Mum got promoted

Chapter 2.7- Free Day

I repaired the bathroom sink

I took Fran to the beach and we had lots of fun playing in the sand

Fran was soon a child

she loves art and being creative

Mum died of old age

Hello, Master controller here, there was enough points so I took over for the day. I got Daisy a proper job worked on some skills and repaired some objects.

Hi back to me again, Fran enjoys playing video games

I also had a birthday

I made some dinner

I did some diving

Fran enjoys basketball

she is also quite imaginative

Dancing too

The bathroom sink loves to break

I got promoted

I played in the snow

I cleaned

more fun in the snow

My son is a good student

My children enjoy dance battles

I made a snow pal

I also did some rock climbing

Chapter 1.4- Passing on the torch

Brent did some cleaning

I enjoy asking Brent about his day

I also still love to go out dancing

I gave Daisy a gift

I did flashcards with tulip

We also shared a hug

I also taught her some new words

Daisy pretends to be a doctor

My son Basil was born

I got promoted

snow fights are so much fun

Brent even came to join

Tulip loves physical games

Daisy did her homework

She also made a snow angel

I attempted the spicy curry contest

I achieved my aspiration. Now it is Daisy turn to lead our family.

Chapter 1.3- The New House

Lavender got promoted

My 2nd daughter Tulip was born.

Daisy loves to talk.

She also has inherited my love of dance

Daisy is also into reading and loves to look at books.

I went to the club for drinks

I finally bought a laundry system and did some laundry.

Brent did some cleaning

Tulip was soon an angelic toddler and the image of her dad.

Tulip loves to build with blocks.

We finally had enough money to put a deposit on a lot n Newcrest and this is our new home with plenty of room to expand.

I was soon pregnant with my 3rd child.

Daisy soon had her birthday and she loves to be outside.

Tulip enjoys watching her big sister

Tulip also likes to play with dolls

I enjoy having snow balls fights with Daisy

I made another girlfriend

I went swimming in our new pool

I made a snow angel.

I started potty training Tulip