Chapter 6.3- The Move

Henry decided to re join the science career.

Cathleen is a bit of a rebel and loves to do pranks

She also enjoys using the computer

Cathleen does some laundry.

Cathleen and Henry move to Sunset Valley and buy an empty lot. They then build this awesome lot.

Henry does some gardening

Cathleen starts writing a romance novel

she does some stargazing

she works on her book

she does some cooking

Cathleen finished her book

she plays some chess


Chapter 5.9- Passing the torch

The garden is growing well

Tickle time

Henry still likes to go on strolls

Henry wanted to become stronger

Cathleen became a child who likes art

Henry threw a costume party

He played some chess

He chatted with his daughter

He became best friends with Jasmine

He became friends with this celebrity fairy

He also got some fairy dust

Henry got promoted achieving his lifetime wish, now Cathleen is leading the legacy.

Chapter 5.7- Toddler Skilling

Henry played some chess

He mastered the gardening skill

Soon it was Leisure day, Henry had fun eating snow cones, stuffing hot-dogs into his mouth, having a water balloon fight and swimming in the ocean

Henry did a radiation experiment and lost a spider

His garden is growing well

Little Cathleen was soon a toddler

Henry taught Cathleen to talk

Cathleen now loves to chatter away

Henry still loves to snuggle his baby girl

Henry taught Cathleen to walk

He also potty trained her

Henry loves taking his daughter on strolls even in the rain

Chapter 5.6- Hello Cathleen

Henry wanted to move into a high rise bluilding


He also got promoted

Henry enjoys playing chess on his balcony

He works on his garden

He also enjoys doing street art

Soon he had enough points for a free day. Georgina didn’t want to move in or get married but she did agree to have his baby so Henry and her had some fun in the all in one bathroom.

Henry bought a laptop and upgraded it

He also upgraded the dishwasher

He got promoted

Raina and Harold died of old age

Henry’s daughter Cathleen was born and added to the family

Henry sunggled Cathleen

Chapter 4.9- The New House

Raina potty trained Henry

She taught him to walk too

Delilah is expecting her 2nd child, at least it’s with the same dad.

Henry enjoys making music with the Xylophone

Raina taught Henry to talk

Raina made a snow angel

Katie became a Adult

Raina enjoys spending quality time with her son, tossing him in the air and chatting with him.

Now that Henry is walking they moved to an empty lot and this house was bluith for them to live in.

Raina let Henry play on the Spring riders then snuggled with him

Raina and Harold played Chess together

Chapter 4.3- Egypt

Raina decided to go swim naked in the market pool.

Raina used a snake charming basket

Raina wanted to get Visa Level 1 so she went on some adventures.

Raina went fishing

Raina wanted to improve her social networking skill so did some streaming

Raina went on another date with Harold and found a new way to use the arcade machines.

Soon it was time for birthdays. Caitlin and Kristofer both became elders. Katie became a Young Adult and moved out.

Raina had another great date with Harold.

Raina danced at a club in the rain but did earn some money doing so

Raina got promoted

Raina headed back to Egypt and finished off an adventure. She even worked on her logic.

Raina wanted to improve her cooking so headed to the libarby and read a cooking book.

Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom

Max stalks his ex and Rae and Husband Chauncey are expecting their first child.
Caitlin masters the painting skill
She and Kristofer have some fun in the leaves
Caitlin plays some chess and improves her skill
Caitlin soon found out she was expecting
With a baby on the way, the moonstones moves to the more spacious home next door that had three large bedrooms. Caitlin enjoys painting in her new bedroom.
Melanie and Trevor married. Rae had a little boy. Max and Megan have become quite close lately.
Christoff got promoted
Caitlin had a little girl she called Raina.
She made a snow angel
She wanted to get married so she and Kristofer had a private wedding on the porch.
They enjoy having pillow fights.