Chapter 2.2- Relationships

I enjoy practising my speech in the mirror Tulip is now a teenager too Basil enjoys science Mum had a birthday too Basil likes to clean He also loves toys Tulip enjoys cooking for one I met up with Finn and we are now dating Tulip enjoys computer games she also enjoys dancing Me andContinue reading “Chapter 2.2- Relationships”

Chapter 1.1- Starting Out

Hi, I am Lavender and I decided to wrestle control off of my creator so I can live by what I want to do. I am going to start a Whimacy. I am a genius , a romantic and I love to dance. I want to romance as many men and women as I canContinue reading “Chapter 1.1- Starting Out”

Chapter 3.6- Families

Caitlin got promoted Family news, Ruby broke up with Enrique again, Max and Rae had their birthdays and are now young adults. Caitlin wanted to work out and improved her athletic skill. More family news, Javier is now a child, Stuart and Melanie are dating, Rae and Chauncey got married and moved in together. VanceContinue reading “Chapter 3.6- Families”

Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Caitlin had to repair the toilet She went on a date with Kristofer, They had some fun in the all in 1 bathroom Caitlin went to the summer festival where she had a snow cone, took her picture and had a water balloon fight. Caitlin relaxed in the pool She did some painting Opal becameContinue reading “Chapter 3.5- Birthdays”

Chapter 3.2- Family News

Caitlin’s Aunt broke up with another man She wanted to be Bff’s with Kristofer so invited him over and they became Bff’s Family news, Her cousin Trevor became a child, Ruby started getting stalked by her ex. She wanted to invite Kristofer so he came over. She also gave him a gift and mind meldedContinue reading “Chapter 3.2- Family News”

Chapter 2.9- Passing the torch

Opal became a partner in some businesses around town. Ruby had a little boy Opal got promoted Ruby starts dating someone new She also has her side flings Opal got promoted She works on martial arts in the snow Caitlin become a Teen Opal teaches her to drive Opal masters logic Trevor becomes a toddlerContinue reading “Chapter 2.9- Passing the torch”

Chapter 2.8- Promotions and Birthdays

Opal developed her martial arts skill Parker is becoming quite the nerd Christoff is an adult Ruby starts dating someone new She goes into labour and has a little girl Ruby starts dating someone else Then gets pregnant with another man Promotions happened Max and Rae became toddlers Crystal loves reading her grandchild to sleepContinue reading “Chapter 2.8- Promotions and Birthdays”

Chapter 2.6- Toddlerhood Fun

Opal got struck by lighting but that doesn’t stop her improving her logic. She also works on her daughters vocal skills Crystal loves watching her granddaughter play Opal loves tickling Caitlin Opal got promoted She practised her chess skills Opal used the telescope She did a strength workout and improved her skills She got promotedContinue reading “Chapter 2.6- Toddlerhood Fun”

Round 5, Door 2

Welcome back to Door 2 Anabelle paints She goes fishing She mops the floors She jumps on the trampoline She gardens She improves her skill Repairs the bath,Handiness skill is now level 5 She dives in the pool and She then relaxes in it. She throws a pool party where she meets Edwin and theyContinue reading “Round 5, Door 2”

Round 4, Door 3

Welcome to door 3, Anabelle makes pancakes Andre comes for a visit She cleans Andre and Anabelle gossip They go bowling They dance at the festival Anabelle becomes an adult and gets a midlife crisis She gets a makeover She paints She buys a every expensive car She goes to a pool party and makesContinue reading “Round 4, Door 3”