Chapter 2.7- Free Day

I went fishing

I read a book and learnt a new skill

Me and Mum had a pillow fight

We did the laundry

I cleaned the toilet.

Hi, the controlled here, Jerome got 100,000 points so i controlled him for a day. He met, kissed and made a baby with Jennika.

I am back, I invited Jennika over and we sung together.

I cooked

I repaired

I upgraded

Mum got promoted

Chapter 2.4- Spring

I am now 18 and love everything to be clean. I dream of becoming a tinkerer.

My logic improved

Dad did the laundry

I read a book

I got a drink at the lounge

Dad got promoted

I made breakfast

Mum used the trampoline

I went to the spring festival

I made a new friend

I used my tickets to get a umbrella

Mum chatted online

Chapter 2.2- Birthdays

Jessica does the laundry

I made breakfast

I upgraded the toilet

I watched the cooking channel

i did the laundry

I raked some leaves

Mum had her birthday and is now an elder

My sister had her birthday too and moved out

Dad got promoted

I am doing great at school

I made a new friend

We skated on the ice

I did my homework

My mum did a play

I made another friend

I had a chat with mum

I tried basketball

I chatted with mum

Chapter 1.9- Achievments

I have become quite the nerd

Chadwick is a great athlete

I read a new recipe

We had a great family trip at the festival

I had to give Jessica a time out for all her pranks

i unclogged the toilet

Chad got promoted

Basketball is great family fun.

Chadwick had his birthday

I achieved my dream and now Chad will be taking over this journal with his own story

Chapter 1.8- Birthdays

I love the trampoline

Jessica did some writing

Chad got promoted

Jeremy is now a child. He now likes to get things off other people instead of buying it himself as well as loving summer and the couch

Jessica is brave as well as good, can sleep through anything and discplined

Jeremy enjoys playing computer games

Me and Chad watched the stars

Jeremy still loves hugs

I mastered a skill

Jeremy and Chadwick love having pillow fights

i did a mind meld

Chapter 1.4- Free Day

I made a new friend

I love making snow angels

I also enjoy playing hoops

I did some working out

Hello, there, It’s the sim controller, i managed to get control for one day. Annabel met Chadwick through the sim finder app and they made a baby. Now it’s Annabel’s turn to speak again.

Yesterday was a weird day, i felt like a puppet but i am fine today, i even got promoted

I went to a club

I played some foosball

me and Fjord made a snowman

i started reading at the libarby

I soon found out i was pregnant

I mastered gardening

Chapter 1.3- Experiencing the weather

I had fun jumping in leaves even if it was raining

I cleaned the toilet

I met someone new

I took a gardening class

I started a garden too

I went fishing

I got promoted

I went out for a drink

I watered my plants

I did some exersize

I went jogging in the snow

Chapter 1.1- Starting Over

Hello Everybody, I am Annabel Smithen and I moved to the lovely town of Aurora Skies to live life on my terms. I love family, am great at fixing things, love to clean and cook and can also sleep through anything. I also want to become a famous chef.

I can’t afford much at the moment but with what money I did have, i purchased my first home.

i then headed down to the local diner and got a job there.

I went exploring in the archives

I met and made friends with a celeb Fjord

i did some cooking

I watched the weather channel

I got promoted

I played darts

I had fun at the summer festival.

Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun

Mum got promoted

I worked on my piano skill

I made a snowpal with Fiona

I also made a snow angel

I did some painting

I made a snowpal with mum

Dad died

I looked at paintings in the museum

I went ice-skating

Mum became an elder

I met Aiden

We did some cloudgazing

Mum got promoted

Chapter 3.1- Starting Out

I enjoy making music with my guitar

Mum is still the main cook

I cook sometimes too

Mum got promoted

I also enjoy swimming

Fiona likes to keep my parents on thier toes

Mum and Dad can be embarrassing sometimes with their romance.

Mum also enjoys cleaning

My baby sister is now a child

Dad is an elder

Fiona loves to watch tv

I enjoy playing the piano

Mum got promoted

I bonded with the bees

I enjoy cooking breakfast

I also enjoy jumping in leaf piles

Sometimes my piano skills earn me money

I also enjoy basketball