Chapter 7.6- A Sad Goodbye

Chad played some shuffleboard Ferby died 22 days after he was meant to, I was beginning to think he was immortal Chad got promoted he played the guitar and relaxed in the pool Chad did some gardening He got another promotion He used the slip n slide Chad went fishing He enjoys taking photos withContinue reading “Chapter 7.6- A Sad Goodbye”

Chapter 7.2- Making a Start

Pillow fighting fun Watching cooking shows to improve skill searching for fairies Chad was soon a young adult. He added Clumsy to Coward, Absent-Minded, Friendly and Hopeless romantic, should be fun. He wants to run a five star resort and have 40,000 in profit. He went dancing at the spring festival He read a bookContinue reading “Chapter 7.2- Making a Start”

Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun

The Family enjoyed going on a trip to the summer festival. Cathleen did some street art Chad enjoyed being a dinosaur He also loves playing in the tree house Cathleen painted Chad did some cleaning Ferby did some gardening He also enjoys playing darts Cathleen and Ferby enjoy being romantic Cathleen did some repairs sheContinue reading “Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun”

Chapter 6.11-Summer Fun

Cathleen did some laundry She also did some street art Cathleen painted She took part in an eating contest She met and made Friends with River Ferby carved a pumpkin Ferby and Cathleen being romantic skinny dipping in the hot-tub Making drinks woo-hoo in the hot-tub making out Playing video games on the computer.

Chapter 6.9- Birthdays

Cathleen ate some autumn salad in the park she took a summer photo she made some skill drinks Soon she went into labour and her son Chad was born. She relaxed in the hot-tub She became a Patner in the day spa She played in the fountain in the new pool she was soon anContinue reading “Chapter 6.9- Birthdays”

Chapter 4.4- Summer

Raina impressed Oscar and made friends with him. Raina also moved to a high rise Raina got promoted Raina wanted Visa Level 3 in Egypt so went on another Adventure. Raina did some cooking Raina got promoted. Raina questioned a sim Raina headed back to Egypt for more adventures and got her wish. She hadContinue reading “Chapter 4.4- Summer”

Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Caitlin had to repair the toilet She went on a date with Kristofer, They had some fun in the all in 1 bathroom Caitlin went to the summer festival where she had a snow cone, took her picture and had a water balloon fight. Caitlin relaxed in the pool She did some painting Opal becameContinue reading “Chapter 3.5- Birthdays”

Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves

The family moved to a medium sized country town called Meadow falls. The triplets had their birthday soon after. Ruby and Amber moved out to start their adults lives but Opal stayed, she is the leader after all. Parker is becoming quite well known Opal joined the police department Parker got promoted Opal did someContinue reading “Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves”

Chapter 1.2- Skill Bluilding

Me and Stiles try to spend some time together but our work shifts clash, mine finishes and an hour later he starts, he’s in the music business. I did find some time to show off my super massaging skills. I also got another promotion. Soon I may be able to afford some better appliances Finally,Continue reading “Chapter 1.2- Skill Bluilding”

Chapter 3.1- Teenage Fun

Luci went to prom where she got a romantic interest and was prom queen. Lily-Ann was potty trained and taught to talk. Luci took a trip to the festival and got her picture took. She also had fun having water fights, eating hot-dogs and ice-skating. She brought a float and two umbrellas one for sunContinue reading “Chapter 3.1- Teenage Fun”