Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun

The Family enjoyed going on a trip to the summer festival.

Cathleen did some street art

Chad enjoyed being a dinosaur

He also loves playing in the tree house

Cathleen painted

Chad did some cleaning

Ferby did some gardening

He also enjoys playing darts

Cathleen and Ferby enjoy being romantic

Cathleen did some repairs

she also played some games


Chapter 6.11-Summer Fun

Cathleen did some laundry

She also did some street art

Cathleen painted

She took part in an eating contest

She met and made Friends with River

Ferby carved a pumpkin

Ferby and Cathleen being romantic

skinny dipping in the hot-tub

Making drinks

woo-hoo in the hot-tub

making out

Playing video games on the computer.

Chapter 4.4- Summer

Raina impressed Oscar and made friends with him.

Raina also moved to a high rise

Raina got promoted

Raina wanted Visa Level 3 in Egypt so went on another Adventure.

Raina did some cooking

Raina got promoted.

Raina questioned a sim

Raina headed back to Egypt for more adventures and got her wish. She had Visa level 3.

Soon it was Leisure day and Riana had lots of fun at the festival. She took a photo, went skating and had stars painted on her face.

Raina also went swimming in the Ocean.

Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Caitlin had to repair the toilet
She went on a date with Kristofer,
They had some fun in the all in 1 bathroom

Caitlin went to the summer festival where she had a snow cone, took her picture and had a water balloon fight.
Caitlin relaxed in the pool
She did some painting
Opal became an elder
She retired
Christoff became an elder
Ruby and Enrique got back together again.
Caitlin is such a nerd that she gained a new trait
She talked about comic books with Opal.

Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves

The family moved to a medium sized country town called Meadow falls.

The triplets had their birthday soon after. Ruby and Amber moved out to start their adults lives but Opal stayed, she is the leader after all.
Parker is becoming quite well known
Opal joined the police department
Parker got promoted

Opal did some painting

She took a trip to china where she enjoyed exploring a secret tomb,
Parker and Crystal played chess together
Aspen became a Young Adult and moved out
Opal cleaned the bath

She also went to the summer festival and had some summer fun.

Chapter 1.2- Skill Bluilding


Me and Stiles try to spend some time together but our work shifts clash, mine finishes and an hour later he starts, he’s in the music business. I did find some time to show off my super massaging skills.


I also got another promotion. Soon I may be able to afford some better appliances


Finally, on Thursday, it was Leisure day and no one was working, instead of visiting the festival, I went to see Stiles. I finally got my kiss and managed to persuade Stiles to go steady and then marry me all in one afternoon.


 I now wanted a baby so we returned to our humble home and tried for a baby.


I wanted to impress Stiles with my culinary expertise so I made a salad then we chatted.


I also wanted to have a pillow fight and we did, I won too


I then wanted to repair the computer, it constantly seems to be breaking down


Stiles became a celeb just for becoming my husband


He also took a painting class and gained a painting skill


He wanted to learn handiness so he fixed the computer when it broke again


I improved my charisma skill and now have more interesting ways to greet people


Stiles started a painting that may never be finished.