Chapter 6.11-Summer Fun

Cathleen did some laundry She also did some street art Cathleen painted She took part in an eating contest She met and made Friends with River Ferby carved a pumpkin Ferby and Cathleen being romantic skinny dipping in the hot-tub Making drinks woo-hoo in the hot-tub making out Playing video games on the computer.

Chapter 6.6-Skilling

Henry did some painting Cathleen improved her logic Cathleen did some moonlighting Cathleen developed her social networking skill She collected festival tickets She took a seasonal picture she got her face painted Cathleen mastered the handiness skill Cathleen had a pillow fight with Sandi Henry carved a pumpkin Henry got promoted Cathleen made an Igloo.

Chapter 5.8- Midlife Crisis

Henry went to the festival He got a pumpkin on his face he visited the hunted house He played some chess Henry was soon a adult and he got a midlife crisis, this should be fun He snuggled with his daughter He learnt Krista’s sign He moved to a new house He planted a newContinue reading “Chapter 5.8- Midlife Crisis”

Chapter 5.7- Toddler Skilling

Henry played some chess He mastered the gardening skill Soon it was Leisure day, Henry had fun eating snow cones, stuffing hot-dogs into his mouth, having a water balloon fight and swimming in the ocean Henry did a radiation experiment and lost a spider His garden is growing well Little Cathleen was soon a toddlerContinue reading “Chapter 5.7- Toddler Skilling”

Chapter 4.5-Fall

Raina wanted a chat with Oscar so Invited him over. They had a Pillow Fight Raina got promoted Katie got Pregnant and moved in with her Boyfriend Tauras. They soon got married. Raina had fun playing in the ocean She complained about Video Games to Harold. She made Friends with Ronald Raina went to theContinue reading “Chapter 4.5-Fall”

Chapter 4.4- Summer

Raina impressed Oscar and made friends with him. Raina also moved to a high rise Raina got promoted Raina wanted Visa Level 3 in Egypt so went on another Adventure. Raina did some cooking Raina got promoted. Raina questioned a sim Raina headed back to Egypt for more adventures and got her wish. She hadContinue reading “Chapter 4.4- Summer”

Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Caitlin had to repair the toilet She went on a date with Kristofer, They had some fun in the all in 1 bathroom Caitlin went to the summer festival where she had a snow cone, took her picture and had a water balloon fight. Caitlin relaxed in the pool She did some painting Opal becameContinue reading “Chapter 3.5- Birthdays”

Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun

Caitlin decides to write her first novel. She does some cooking Her uncle Aspen is still close with Sidney. They married and now live together. Her Aunt Ruby broke someone’s heart again. Caitlin had to do some repairs around the house. She finishes her novel and improved her writing too She went to the winterContinue reading “Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun”

Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves

The family moved to a medium sized country town called Meadow falls. The triplets had their birthday soon after. Ruby and Amber moved out to start their adults lives but Opal stayed, she is the leader after all. Parker is becoming quite well known Opal joined the police department Parker got promoted Opal did someContinue reading “Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves”

Chapter 1.6- Parker’s Surprise

Cleaning never seems to end for Crystal Crystal and Parker are still as romantic as ever Crystal took Amber on a stroll They also shared a snuggle Mopping time Amber seems to be Crystals favourite at the moment She cleaned the cooker Tickle time with Opal Crystal enjoyed a visit to the winter festival whilstContinue reading “Chapter 1.6- Parker’s Surprise”