Chapter 1.3- The New House

Lavender got promoted My 2nd daughter Tulip was born. Daisy loves to talk. She also has inherited my love of dance Daisy is also into reading and loves to look at books. I went to the club for drinks I finally bought a laundry system and did some laundry. Brent did some cleaning Tulip wasContinue reading “Chapter 1.3- The New House”

Chapter 6.14- Birthday Fun

Cathleen repaired her sons bathroom she also did some exercise she got promoted Cathleen went to the local bar and played dominoes Chad is a good student Ferby got promoted Chad and Cathleen played tag Chad was soon a teen who inherited his mums romantic nature Juice Pong time Cleaning time Cathleen played guitar ChadContinue reading “Chapter 6.14- Birthday Fun”

Chapter 5.4-University

Henry filled out the form and was able to get 18 credits towards a science and medicine degree He rented a small house on campus He enjoyed meeting fellow students He even met a vampire He bought a ate some candy Foosball time He even started learning to cook for himself He bought a weightContinue reading “Chapter 5.4-University”

Chapter 4.6- Free Day

Raina read a cooking book to improve her skill She got promoted She did some painting and Improved her skill Raina went to the fall Festival. She won at Apple Bobbing and had fun in the Haunted House. Raina threw a Costume Party and had fun socialising with the guys . Raina repaired the showerContinue reading “Chapter 4.6- Free Day”

Chapter 3.12- Toddler and mummy bonding

Caitlin tickled Katie Katie used the spring riders And played the xylophone Caitlin snuggled Katie And tossed her in the air Caitlin played darts She cleaned Katie became a child Caitlin repaired the dishwasher She had a trivia contest with Kristofer and lost Caitlin painted a portrait of Vance The girls enjoyed logical pursuits

Chapter 3.4- Promotions

Caitlin made a writing room and got a good review She got promoted She also made a home gym She meditated Caitlin painted Family news, Aspen’s son Javier is now a toddler, Trevor is a teen who was quick to start dating. Sidney and Aspen are still as romantic as ever. Caitlin created another writingContinue reading “Chapter 3.4- Promotions”

Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves

The family moved to a medium sized country town called Meadow falls. The triplets had their birthday soon after. Ruby and Amber moved out to start their adults lives but Opal stayed, she is the leader after all. Parker is becoming quite well known Opal joined the police department Parker got promoted Opal did someContinue reading “Chapter 2.3- Birthdays and Moves”

Chapter 1.9- Preparing Meals

Parker and Crystal both got promotions Amber used the slip n slide She also had a pillow fight with Parker Crystal cooked Spaghetti and improved her cooking Crystal got a chance card at work Parker got promoted The children enjoyed playing in their room Parker made Salad Crystal had a chat with Ruby She alsoContinue reading “Chapter 1.9- Preparing Meals”

Chapter 1.6- Parker’s Surprise

Cleaning never seems to end for Crystal Crystal and Parker are still as romantic as ever Crystal took Amber on a stroll They also shared a snuggle Mopping time Amber seems to be Crystals favourite at the moment She cleaned the cooker Tickle time with Opal Crystal enjoyed a visit to the winter festival whilstContinue reading “Chapter 1.6- Parker’s Surprise”

Chapter 1.5- Toddler Spam Galore

Crystal and Parker started teaching the girls their basic life skills Crystal did some cooking Opal enjoys learning shapes Parker chose a new dream Crystal improved her cooking Ruby learnt some new words Parker became a business man Crystal had a chat with Opal Crystal did some cleaning Parker chatted with Ruby Crystal tickled Amber