Chapter 4.5-Fall

Raina wanted a chat with Oscar so Invited him over.

They had a Pillow Fight

Raina got promoted

Katie got Pregnant and moved in with her Boyfriend Tauras. They soon got married.

Raina had fun playing in the ocean

She complained about Video Games to Harold.

She made Friends with Ronald

Raina went to the Fall Festival where she took a photo, harvested some pumpkins and explored the haunted house.

Raina enjoyed carving a pumpkin

Raina got promoted

Raina became a Aunt

Raina had a great date with Harold.

Chapter 4.4- Summer

Raina impressed Oscar and made friends with him.

Raina also moved to a high rise

Raina got promoted

Raina wanted Visa Level 3 in Egypt so went on another Adventure.

Raina did some cooking

Raina got promoted.

Raina questioned a sim

Raina headed back to Egypt for more adventures and got her wish. She had Visa level 3.

Soon it was Leisure day and Riana had lots of fun at the festival. She took a photo, went skating and had stars painted on her face.

Raina also went swimming in the Ocean.

Round 3, Door 2

Welcome back to door 2, last time, Anabelle learnt skill and got lots of promotions.
Anabelle practices chess
She learns gardening.
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She improves her logic
She does some planting
She and Jacob have a pillow fight
She gets promoted
She and Oscar hang out
She makes a snowman
She also visits the festival
Anabelle earnt some money and celeb points at the business offices
She made a snowman
She had a gift giving party
She got a promotion
She went on a date