Chapter 1.1- Starting Out

Hi, I am Lavender and I decided to wrestle control off of my creator so I can live by what I want to do. I am going to start a Whimacy. I am a genius , a romantic and I love to dance. I want to romance as many men and women as I canContinue reading “Chapter 1.1- Starting Out”

Chapter 4.6- Free Day

Raina read a cooking book to improve her skill She got promoted She did some painting and Improved her skill Raina went to the fall Festival. She won at Apple Bobbing and had fun in the Haunted House. Raina threw a Costume Party and had fun socialising with the guys . Raina repaired the showerContinue reading “Chapter 4.6- Free Day”

Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom

Max stalks his ex and Rae and Husband Chauncey are expecting their first child. Caitlin masters the painting skill She and Kristofer have some fun in the leaves Caitlin plays some chess and improves her skill Caitlin soon found out she was expecting With a baby on the way, the moonstones moves to the moreContinue reading “Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom”

Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun

Caitlin decides to write her first novel. She does some cooking Her uncle Aspen is still close with Sidney. They married and now live together. Her Aunt Ruby broke someone’s heart again. Caitlin had to do some repairs around the house. She finishes her novel and improved her writing too She went to the winterContinue reading “Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun”

Chapter 2.5- A girl

Opal and Chris are still quite romantic and are always kissing each other. Opal also has a lot of time now she’s pregnant so works on her skills, she improved her painting And her cooking She also made friends with this Celebirty for an opportunity she had She soon went into labour and headed toContinue reading “Chapter 2.5- A girl”

Round 5, Door 3

Promotion Watching the skies with Arvid Picture Time Fun at the festival Anabelle soon finds out she’s pregnant Belinda is born Anabelle and Arvid marry and move into his house. Anabelle plays chess and She improves her skill She gives Arvid a massage

Round 4, Door 1

Welcome back, Last time, Anabelle and Loki settled in together and went travelling. Anabelle becomes a computer whiz She does some cooking Her royalties come in Anabelle is pregnant She wants a girl so eats watermelon She gets a job in gaming Loki gets promoted,So does Anabelle The twins are born. Bella is blonde andContinue reading “Round 4, Door 1”

Chapter 3.5-Toddler Training

Luci wanted to get married but she and Reynoldo weren’t suited so she invited Kenyon over and they got married, he was her best friend in high school Luci still likes to search for stars even in the cold winter Kenyon got a job in his dream career Luci got promoted Ken and Luci hadContinue reading “Chapter 3.5-Toddler Training”

Chapter 1.2- Hello Lily

Lavender pregnancy was soon apparent and she woke up one morning with a baby bump. She wanted to learn gardening so read a gardening book at the libarby. Before she knew it, her pregnancy had passed and young Lily was born into the world, Lily is Easily Impressed and a heavy sleeper. She wanted toContinue reading “Chapter 1.2- Hello Lily”