Chapter 6.4- Handiness

Henry works on his garden Cathleen sings Henry plays the guitar Cathleen finished another book Henry got promoted Cathleen painted Cathleen repaired the shower/bath and gained some skill she did some upgrading she played the guitar Cathleen repaired the sink she also had her birthday

Chapter 5.6- Hello Cathleen

Henry wanted to move into a high rise bluilding He also got promoted Henry enjoys playing chess on his balcony He works on his garden He also enjoys doing street art Soon he had enough points for a free day. Georgina didn’t want to move in or get married but she did agree to haveContinue reading “Chapter 5.6- Hello Cathleen”

Chapter 4.6- Free Day

Raina read a cooking book to improve her skill She got promoted She did some painting and Improved her skill Raina went to the fall Festival. She won at Apple Bobbing and had fun in the Haunted House. Raina threw a Costume Party and had fun socialising with the guys . Raina repaired the showerContinue reading “Chapter 4.6- Free Day”

Chapter 3.14- Passing on the legacy

Caitlin mastered the handiness skill She did some upgrading Katie became a teenager Caitlin repaired the washing machine She also cleaned She taught Katie to drive She learned charisma Katie did some exercise and improved her athletic skill Caitlin repaired the shower again She made a snowman Caitlin had over 100,000 rewards points so hadContinue reading “Chapter 3.14- Passing on the legacy”

Chapter 3.13- Goodbyes

Raina became a teenager Caitlin did some cleaning Caitlin taught Raina to drive Kristofer got promoted Raina did some laundry Caitlin wrote two new books She had a pillow fight with Baxter. She repaired the bath. She lost her remaining parent to old age. She shared a hug with Kristofer They also had a chatContinue reading “Chapter 3.13- Goodbyes”

Round 3, Door 1

Back to door 1 again, last time Loki moved in with Anabelle. Loki gets a job in law enforcement. Anabelle receives her royalties. She gains logic skill She goes to the Winter Festival She sings karaoke. Loki gets Promoted Anabelle masters handiness She gains athletic skill Loki gets promoted. Anabelle upgrades the hot-tub. They watchContinue reading “Round 3, Door 1”