Chapter 6.13- Summer Fun

The Family enjoyed going on a trip to the summer festival.

Cathleen did some street art

Chad enjoyed being a dinosaur

He also loves playing in the tree house

Cathleen painted

Chad did some cleaning

Ferby did some gardening

He also enjoys playing darts

Cathleen and Ferby enjoy being romantic

Cathleen did some repairs

she also played some games


Chapter 6.12- Musical Fun

Cathleen did some painting

Chad enjoyed playing with toys

Ferby did some swimming.

Chad enjoys playing with the dolls house

Cathleen did some cooking

Cathleen repaired the sink

Cathleen did an opportunity

Cathleen wrote a book

She also did some singing

Cathleen did some working out

Cathleen walked on bot building.

Ferby got promoted

Family bonding

Cathleen played the guitar

Cathleen and Ferby had some fun

Cathleen got a new trait

Cathleen did an opportunity.

Cathleen went swimming

Chad has become quite scared as a child. He is also friendly and Absent-Minded.

Chad started playing a game

Chapter 6.10-Hello Ferby

Cathleen did some painting

Cathleen started potty training Chad, She had already taught him to talk

Cathleen also taught Chad to walk

She wanted to go to the lounge and she met up with Ferby. They hit it off and were soon friends

Cathleen also asked Ferby to be her boyfriend and luckily he agreed.

They were soon married and Ferby joined the family.

Ferby got a job in politics

Cathleen mastered the painting skill

She visited the graveyard

She did some moonlighting

She met and impressed Jack Bunch

They soon became friends

Chapter 6.8- Free Day

Henry got promoted

As did Cathleen

Cathleen painted

She made the shower self cleaning

Soon Cathleen had enough points for a free day. She headed to the local bar to look for possible baby daddies. She met Conner and they were soon friends, they then had some fun in the photo booth.

Cathleen made some crazy drinks

She soon started feeling sick in the days

Cathleen started writing a new book

Cathleen was soon pregnant

Cathleen mastered the writing skill

Cathleen also mastered the mixology skill

Cathleen also got a massage at the Day Spa.