Chapter 6.9- Birthdays

Cathleen ate some autumn salad in the park

she took a summer photo

she made some skill drinks

Soon she went into labour and her son Chad was born.

She relaxed in the hot-tub

She became a Patner in the day spa

She played in the fountain in the new pool

she was soon an adult

She finally repaired the shower

Henry died of old age

Chad became a toddler.


Chapter 6.8- Free Day

Henry got promoted

As did Cathleen

Cathleen painted

She made the shower self cleaning

Soon Cathleen had enough points for a free day. She headed to the local bar to look for possible baby daddies. She met Conner and they were soon friends, they then had some fun in the photo booth.

Cathleen made some crazy drinks

She soon started feeling sick in the days

Cathleen started writing a new book

Cathleen was soon pregnant

Cathleen mastered the writing skill

Cathleen also mastered the mixology skill

Cathleen also got a massage at the Day Spa.

Chapter 6.6-Skilling

Henry did some painting

Cathleen improved her logic

Cathleen did some moonlighting

Cathleen developed her social networking skill

She collected festival tickets

She took a seasonal picture

she got her face painted

Cathleen mastered the handiness skill

Cathleen had a pillow fight with Sandi

Henry carved a pumpkin

Henry got promoted

Cathleen made an Igloo.

Chapter 6.3- The Move

Henry decided to re join the science career.

Cathleen is a bit of a rebel and loves to do pranks

She also enjoys using the computer

Cathleen does some laundry.

Cathleen and Henry move to Sunset Valley and buy an empty lot. They then build this awesome lot.

Henry does some gardening

Cathleen starts writing a romance novel

she does some stargazing

she works on her book

she does some cooking

Cathleen finished her book

she plays some chess