Chapter 1.2- Romantic Liasons

Brent loves to clean

I enjoy watching kids tv

I hit if off with Joaquin and we soon shared our first kiss. He also became my boyfriend.

Me and Brent both got promotions

I also made another romantic Intrest when I went to the beach.

Soon my adorable daughter was born. Meet Daisy.

Brent enjoys dancing too

I also have a girlfriend now too, Meet Siobhan.

Daisy looks so much like me but has her dad skin. She is independent too.

Daisy loves to play imaginative games with her toys.

I enjoy doing dance work outs

Daisy also likes to play with dolls

I did some rock climbing

I was soon pregnant with my second child.

I got myself another girlfriend. I am well on the way to achieving my dream.

Daisy loves to chatter away

I got promoted

I cooked some dinner

I kissed my latest conquest

Brent is a doting father


Chapter 1.1- Starting Out

Hi, I am Lavender and I decided to wrestle control off of my creator so I can live by what I want to do. I am going to start a Whimacy. I am a genius , a romantic and I love to dance. I want to romance as many men and women as I can and be a serial romantic.

I moved to Brindleton bay and this is what I could afford to buy with the funds I had. I am also in the critic career.

I practised my pick up lines.

I got myself a drink at the club

I met this Cutie Brent and we really hit it off.

I did some cloud gazing with Brent and we became good friends. He is a romantic like me.

Me and Brent grew quite close and were soon dating.

I freshened up in the bathroom. i need to look my best after all.

I did some cooking

Brent and me have a lot of fun together. We even got married in the place we frist met and I moved in with him.

Brent loves to paint.

I soon wanted a baby with my man so we tried, lets hope we are successful.

I had fun playing with sand at the beach.

I was soon expecting my first child.

I got promoted at work.

I grilled some food at the park and improved my cooking skill.

Chapter 7.6- A Sad Goodbye

Chad played some shuffleboard

Ferby died 22 days after he was meant to, I was beginning to think he was immortal

Chad got promoted

he played the guitar

and relaxed in the pool

Chad did some gardening

He got another promotion

He used the slip n slide

Chad went fishing

He enjoys taking photos with friends

Chad got promoted

he got some festival tickets

He ate food at a dance club

Chad carved a pumpkin

He mastered another skill

Chad got promoted achieving his lifetime wish and now the Moonstone Wishancy has been completed.

Chapter 7.5- A New Start

Chad enjoys singing

He also went to the festival

He gave a gift to Kei

He finally got his resort to five stars

Chad got promoted

Pool slide fun

He got a tattoo

Isla Paradiso had become quite difficult to play in so the family moved to a new town.

Chad played guitar in the park

He went to the bookstore.

Ferby did some gardening

He improved a skill

Chad signed some books

Chad did some gardening

He also got promoted

He made a new friend Genny.

Ferby made friends with Harold, Best friends that is.

Harold and Ferby enjoy pillow fights

Chad became a business Patner

Ferby made friends with two celebs

Ferby did some cooking

He also had a pillow fight with Ogla.

Chapter 7.4- Romance

Chad invested in property

He headed to the local gym to workout

He also trained somebody

Chad enjoys water sports

He and Ogla still love hanging out

He played the guitar

He now wants to be a doctor

He also decided to go to France.

He read a cooking book

Chad made friends with Rei

He sung karaoke with her

He got stronger

Chad was soon an adult

He mastered a skill

He wanted to move house so he did

Chad cooked some dinner

He changed his lifetime wish

Chad got promoted

Ferby learnt a new skill

Ferby still loves to dance

He also enjoys dreaming about rushing water

Chad decided he needed a new look

Chapter 7.3- Water Fun

Chad made some new friends and mind melded with them

He also went swimming

Cathleen died of old age. Ferby and Chad moved homes

Chad and Ogla are still close

They like to watch the stars together


Ferby and Chad play chess

Chad searched for stars

He also went windsurfing

playing sports

cleaning the toilet

More promotions

Chad made a snow angel

He also played the guitar

Chapter 7.2- Making a Start

Pillow fighting fun

Watching cooking shows to improve skill

searching for fairies

Chad was soon a young adult. He added Clumsy to Coward, Absent-Minded, Friendly and Hopeless romantic, should be fun. He wants to run a five star resort and have 40,000 in profit.

He went dancing at the spring festival

He read a book at the libarby

The family moved towns to isla Paradiso and moved into a house boat.

Chad enjoys talking about comic books

He did some science

He bought a resort

skill building fun

playing table tennis

The resort is coming along well. A gym has been made and the eating area was completely renovated and now offers all types of food at great quantity. a pool with bar, slide and diving board was also added.

Chad had fun at the summer festival

He met a Celebirty and made friends with her.

He took a photo with his mum

Ferby loves running on the treadmill

Chad got a new job

chess playing

Chad has been getting romantic too, Meet Ogla Lacey

They love having pillow fights too

doing the blot test with his guests

having a drink