Chapter 1.1- Starting Over

Hello and welcome to the Moonstone Wishancy, Meet our founder Crystal Moonstone, her traits are hopeless romantic, neat, handy, friendly and heavy sleeper. Her lifetime wish is to be a World-Renowned Surgeon. She will be starting her legacy in Sunset Valley and will be on a normal customized lifespan. Baby- 2 days, toddlers- 6, children-Continue reading “Chapter 1.1- Starting Over”

Round 3, Door 1

Back to door 1 again, last time Loki moved in with Anabelle. Loki gets a job in law enforcement. Anabelle receives her royalties. She gains logic skill She goes to the Winter Festival She sings karaoke. Loki gets Promoted Anabelle masters handiness She gains athletic skill Loki gets promoted. Anabelle upgrades the hot-tub. They watchContinue reading “Round 3, Door 1”

Chapter 1.3-Hello Gemma

Gerry took Lily for a stroll around the town. He fixed the dishwasher on his own finally some dishes may be washed now Lavender improved her charisma skill using the mirror. She also played on the waterslide And did some painting She was soon pregnant with her 2nd child. Gerry played in the ocean withContinue reading “Chapter 1.3-Hello Gemma”