Round 9, Door 1

Anabelle improved her athletic skill She did some working out Adam became an young adult and moved out Anabelle went to the summer festival Loki got promoted Anabelle played computer games She painted Loki became an elder Anabelle swam in the ocean Loki and Anabelle had a water balloon fight They also watched the starsContinue reading “Round 9, Door 1”

Round 7, Door 3

Anabelle watched a wild horse She repaired the computer She made some snowmen She become an elder Had a pillow fight with best friend Fjord She went to china and visited the temple and forbidden city and also met some locals Anabelle played the guitar Repaired the dishwasher She mastered cooking Belinda became a teenContinue reading “Round 7, Door 3”

Round 7, Door 2

Anabelle writes and publishes a new book She plays video games She does some gardening And some fishing She watches the skies with Edwin Anabelle is now an elder Making snow angels Playing in the waterfall Becoming Stronger Mastering Athletic skill Asking Edwin to move in Analysing fish Creating her clone Luci Building Snowman ToddlerContinue reading “Round 7, Door 2”

Round 7, Door 1

Anabelle paints She gets promoted She sings She bluilds an igloo She makes out with Loki She has a pillow fight with Bella She gets promoted She and Loki skate on a lake in their swimwear Anabelle is now an elder She goes to the winter festival Adam is now a teenager Anabelle teaches himContinue reading “Round 7, Door 1”

Round 6, Door 3

Belinda becomes an Adorable toddler. Anabelle teaches her to walk She also teaches her to talk Tickle time Anabelle paints She works out She goes on a stroll with Belinda She chats with a neighbour She does a mind meld They have a pillow fight She masters her logic Watching the skies Belinda becomes aContinue reading “Round 6, Door 3”

Round 6, Door 2

Anabelle uses the water slide She plays in the waterfall She goes to a movie with Edwin They also talk about comic books They have fun in a lift They sing karaoke together Photo booth Fun Playing games together Fun at home Anabelle learns science She plants a new seed