Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch

Andrew was soon a child. He likes to be happy Aiden tried cooking I made a snowpal Father and Son dance party Aiden enjoys painting I love the snow Aidan had his birthday I did some planting I read a vampire book I mentored my husband and son in music I achieved my dream andContinue reading “Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch”

Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun

Mum got promoted I worked on my piano skill I made a snowpal with Fiona I also made a snow angel I did some painting I made a snowpal with mum Dad died I looked at paintings in the museum I went ice-skating Mum became an elder I met Aiden We did some cloudgazing MumContinue reading “Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun”

Chapter 2.3- Goodbye Winter

Mum got her final promotion Me and Finn got married on the porch I relaxed in the pool I did some hoops I used the computer I was soon expecting my frist child I enjoy making snowpals and so does Finn Finn also enjoys rock climbing My son Frank was born I mastered Charisma FamilyContinue reading “Chapter 2.3- Goodbye Winter”

Chapter 1.4- Passing on the torch

Brent did some cleaning I enjoy asking Brent about his day I also still love to go out dancing I gave Daisy a gift I did flashcards with tulip We also shared a hug I also taught her some new words Daisy pretends to be a doctor My son Basil was born I got promotedContinue reading “Chapter 1.4- Passing on the torch”

Chapter 7.4- Romance

Chad invested in property He headed to the local gym to workout He also trained somebody Chad enjoys water sports He and Ogla still love hanging out He played the guitar He now wants to be a doctor He also decided to go to France. He read a cooking book Chad made friends with ReiContinue reading “Chapter 7.4- Romance”

Chapter 7.1- Winter Fun

Ferby and Chad had fun playing catch Chad met and made friends with a vampire he did some cooking He got a job He sung karaoke Cathleen mastered a skill Chad played some pool He did the dishes He got a new trait Ferby became an elder Chad made a snowman Cathleen became an elderContinue reading “Chapter 7.1- Winter Fun”

Chapter 6.2-Teenhood

Cathleen found a star and got to name it she took a seasonal picture she made a snowman Henry got promoted Cathleen got some fairy dust Cathleen was soon a teenager she loves to make snowmen Henry taught his daughter to drive Cathleen got a job she enjoys playing chess Henry unclogged the toilet CathleenContinue reading “Chapter 6.2-Teenhood”

Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun

Caitlin decides to write her first novel. She does some cooking Her uncle Aspen is still close with Sidney. They married and now live together. Her Aunt Ruby broke someone’s heart again. Caitlin had to do some repairs around the house. She finishes her novel and improved her writing too She went to the winterContinue reading “Chapter 3.1- Repairing Fun”

Chapter 1.6- Parker’s Surprise

Cleaning never seems to end for Crystal Crystal and Parker are still as romantic as ever Crystal took Amber on a stroll They also shared a snuggle Mopping time Amber seems to be Crystals favourite at the moment She cleaned the cooker Tickle time with Opal Crystal enjoyed a visit to the winter festival whilstContinue reading “Chapter 1.6- Parker’s Surprise”

Round 7, Door 1

Anabelle paints She gets promoted She sings She bluilds an igloo She makes out with Loki She has a pillow fight with Bella She gets promoted She and Loki skate on a lake in their swimwear Anabelle is now an elder She goes to the winter festival Adam is now a teenager Anabelle teaches himContinue reading “Round 7, Door 1”