Chapter 2.10- Goodbyes

Me and Jennika skated on the lake

I got some money off the maid

I went to the winter festival

I played Chess

I had a chat with Jonah

I snuggled him

I cooked

i worked on my logic

I danced with Jennika

I practised chess

Mum and Dad died. Mum was 103 and Dad was 90.

I chatted with Jennika

I chatted with Jonah

Jonah became a child. He is perceptive.

Chapter 2.9- Skilling

Jonah plays with the dolls house

I taught Jonah to walk

I played chess

Me and Jennika watched stars

I chatted with Jonah

I played chess

I repaired the dishwasher

I had my birthday

I did some gardening

I mopped

Dad used the Karoake machine

I went on a stroll with Jonah

Chapter 2.2- Birthdays

Jessica does the laundry

I made breakfast

I upgraded the toilet

I watched the cooking channel

i did the laundry

I raked some leaves

Mum had her birthday and is now an elder

My sister had her birthday too and moved out

Dad got promoted

I am doing great at school

I made a new friend

We skated on the ice

I did my homework

My mum did a play

I made another friend

I had a chat with mum

I tried basketball

I chatted with mum

Chapter 1.5- Winter

My holiday bonus was great news especially with a baby on the way.

I met a new person

i did some reading

My son Jerome was born. He loves to be warm and to relax.

Me and Chadwick got married

We are still romantic

Jerome loves to be rocked

Chadwick loves the snow too

He is a very hands on dad

I had my birthday

Chapter 1.4- Free Day

I made a new friend

I love making snow angels

I also enjoy playing hoops

I did some working out

Hello, there, It’s the sim controller, i managed to get control for one day. Annabel met Chadwick through the sim finder app and they made a baby. Now it’s Annabel’s turn to speak again.

Yesterday was a weird day, i felt like a puppet but i am fine today, i even got promoted

I went to a club

I played some foosball

me and Fjord made a snowman

i started reading at the libarby

I soon found out i was pregnant

I mastered gardening

Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch

Andrew was soon a child. He likes to be happy

Aiden tried cooking

I made a snowpal

Father and Son dance party

Aiden enjoys painting

I love the snow

Aidan had his birthday

I did some planting

I read a vampire book

I mentored my husband and son in music

I achieved my dream and now Aiden is in charge

Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun

Mum got promoted

I worked on my piano skill

I made a snowpal with Fiona

I also made a snow angel

I did some painting

I made a snowpal with mum

Dad died

I looked at paintings in the museum

I went ice-skating

Mum became an elder

I met Aiden

We did some cloudgazing

Mum got promoted

Chapter 2.3- Goodbye Winter

Mum got her final promotion

Me and Finn got married on the porch

I relaxed in the pool

I did some hoops

I used the computer

I was soon expecting my frist child

I enjoy making snowpals and so does Finn

Finn also enjoys rock climbing

My son Frank was born

I mastered Charisma

Family snowball fight

Cleaning time

Dad is an elder

Tulip became a young adult and moved out

Frank was soon a toddler

more fun in the snow

Basil stayed out a bit too long

He then read a book

I chatted with Lucas

i started Frank on potty training

Chapter 1.4- Passing on the torch

Brent did some cleaning

I enjoy asking Brent about his day

I also still love to go out dancing

I gave Daisy a gift

I did flashcards with tulip

We also shared a hug

I also taught her some new words

Daisy pretends to be a doctor

My son Basil was born

I got promoted

snow fights are so much fun

Brent even came to join

Tulip loves physical games

Daisy did her homework

She also made a snow angel

I attempted the spicy curry contest

I achieved my aspiration. Now it is Daisy turn to lead our family.

Chapter 7.4- Romance

Chad invested in property

He headed to the local gym to workout

He also trained somebody

Chad enjoys water sports

He and Ogla still love hanging out

He played the guitar

He now wants to be a doctor

He also decided to go to France.

He read a cooking book

Chad made friends with Rei

He sung karaoke with her

He got stronger

Chad was soon an adult

He mastered a skill

He wanted to move house so he did

Chad cooked some dinner

He changed his lifetime wish

Chad got promoted

Ferby learnt a new skill

Ferby still loves to dance

He also enjoys dreaming about rushing water

Chad decided he needed a new look