Chapter 1.2- Skilling

Crystal went to the local summer festival and tried out roller skating.
She is moving up the ranks too

She wanted to play chess so went to the local park to do so and improved her skill
She is also becoming quite the celeb
She kept working on her logic and was soon at level 6 of the skill
Crystal got another promotion
She also started learning to cook

She soon went to the festival again, this time, she lost a water fight and kicked a ball.

Crystal wanted to learn gardening so read a book about it at the local library
She also wanted to kiss Parker Langerak, so they did, they had met through an opportunity she had
She also met and feed a treat to a unicorn named Davy
She achieved another opportunity.


Chapter 1.1- Starting Over

Hello and welcome to the Moonstone Wishancy, Meet our founder Crystal Moonstone, her traits are hopeless romantic, neat, handy, friendly and heavy sleeper. Her lifetime wish is to be a World-Renowned Surgeon. She will be starting her legacy in Sunset Valley and will be on a normal customized lifespan. Baby- 2 days, toddlers- 6, children- 7, Teens- 10, Ya and Adults- 23 each and Elders- 18.

She purchased an unfurnished home at first as she doesn’t have much money to her name. she used her limited funds to furnish it, she will add to her home as her funds allow.

She headed to the hospital and got a job as an organ donor

Next was a trip to the science labs for a class in science.

She enjoys reading in her little book nook

I had to delete a lot of cc as my game was lagging and freezing quite a lot, so Crystal got a new hairdo

She got a new opportunity which she accepted, it was quite a simple one

She also got promoted

She made friends with Jamie and achieved the opportunity improving her work performance and realsionship with her co-workers

She sung karaoke

And cooked her first meal which thankfully didn’t burn

She got another promotion, only 7 more to go.