Round 4, Door 1

Welcome back, Last time, Anabelle and Loki settled in together and went travelling. Anabelle becomes a computer whiz She does some cooking Her royalties come in Anabelle is pregnant She wants a girl so eats watermelon She gets a job in gaming Loki gets promoted,So does Anabelle The twins are born. Bella is blonde andContinue reading “Round 4, Door 1”

Round 3, Door 1

Back to door 1 again, last time Loki moved in with Anabelle. Loki gets a job in law enforcement. Anabelle receives her royalties. She gains logic skill She goes to the Winter Festival She sings karaoke. Loki gets Promoted Anabelle masters handiness She gains athletic skill Loki gets promoted. Anabelle upgrades the hot-tub. They watchContinue reading “Round 3, Door 1”