Chapter 3.3- Skill Building

Caitlin enjoyed playing in the sand
She wanted to make friends with Parker
They had a pillow fight too
Caitlin improved her martial arts
She repaired the sink
She did some designing improving her painting
She broke some boards

Family news, Ruby’s back with Enrique again, Rae is dating Chauncey
Caitlin is getting better at martial arts
She also spends a lot of time doing repairs

She and Kristofer also go on dates a lot, they like to watch movies and the stars
More family news, Max and his girlfriends may break up soon, they seem to argue a lot.

Parker went to a party and made friends with his son Aspen. They also had a pillow fight.

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Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, My names Samantha but everybody calls me sam and I work with kids and in my spare time I enjoy playing Sims and reading. I love playing with sims and doing challenges, I have quite a lot.

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