Chapter 1.5- Celebrity Friends


I wished to Potty train Mai so I won’t go through so many nappies, we can’t really afford so much of them.


Afterwards, I wanted her to age up well so I taught her to walk and started teaching her to talk.


Stiles changed his lifetime wish.


I wished to teach Mai to talk so we sat down together and chatted about her dad’s job and movies


I love playing aeroplanes with her and she adores the game too


She also loves to chat with her dad


I had to repair the dishwasher. It took me a few days to want to though


Stiles still wanted a boy so we adopted Five-year-old Milo who hates Technogly, loves to laugh.


He loves to chat about the weather.


I wished to give a gift to Beau Andrews so I gave him a toddler book for his twins


Then I impressed and made friends with his celebrity cook wife Victoria

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