Chapter 3.6- Families

Caitlin got promoted Family news, Ruby broke up with Enrique again, Max and Rae had their birthdays and are now young adults. Caitlin wanted to work out and improved her athletic skill. More family news, Javier is now a child, Stuart and Melanie are dating, Rae and Chauncey got married and moved in together. VanceContinue reading “Chapter 3.6- Families”

Round 9, Door 1

Anabelle improved her athletic skill She did some working out Adam became an young adult and moved out Anabelle went to the summer festival Loki got promoted Anabelle played computer games She painted Loki became an elder Anabelle swam in the ocean Loki and Anabelle had a water balloon fight They also watched the starsContinue reading “Round 9, Door 1”