Chapter 2.7- Free Day

I went fishing

I read a book and learnt a new skill

Me and Mum had a pillow fight

We did the laundry

I cleaned the toilet.

Hi, the controlled here, Jerome got 100,000 points so i controlled him for a day. He met, kissed and made a baby with Jennika.

I am back, I invited Jennika over and we sung together.

I cooked

I repaired

I upgraded

Mum got promoted

Chapter 1.2- Romantic Liasons

Brent loves to clean

I enjoy watching kids tv

I hit if off with Joaquin and we soon shared our first kiss. He also became my boyfriend.

Me and Brent both got promotions

I also made another romantic Intrest when I went to the beach.

Soon my adorable daughter was born. Meet Daisy.

Brent enjoys dancing too

I also have a girlfriend now too, Meet Siobhan.

Daisy looks so much like me but has her dad skin. She is independent too.

Daisy loves to play imaginative games with her toys.

I enjoy doing dance work outs

Daisy also likes to play with dolls

I did some rock climbing

I was soon pregnant with my second child.

I got myself another girlfriend. I am well on the way to achieving my dream.

Daisy loves to chatter away

I got promoted

I cooked some dinner

I kissed my latest conquest

Brent is a doting father

Chapter 5.3- Birthdays

Henry wanted to become BFF’S with Georgina Marshall and after some jokes they were bff’s.

Henry repaired the toilet

He even checked the stove

Henry and Georgina enjoy having pillow fight

Henry brushes his teeth over and over again

Henry had his frist kiss

Henry is the handyman again

Harold and Raina became elders

Henry repaired the dishwasher

Harold and Henry love to argue over comics

Henry was soon a Young Adult who loves to garden

Chapter 4.3- Egypt

Raina decided to go swim naked in the market pool.

Raina used a snake charming basket

Raina wanted to get Visa Level 1 so she went on some adventures.

Raina went fishing

Raina wanted to improve her social networking skill so did some streaming

Raina went on another date with Harold and found a new way to use the arcade machines.

Soon it was time for birthdays. Caitlin and Kristofer both became elders. Katie became a Young Adult and moved out.

Raina had another great date with Harold.

Raina danced at a club in the rain but did earn some money doing so

Raina got promoted

Raina headed back to Egypt and finished off an adventure. She even worked on her logic.

Raina wanted to improve her cooking so headed to the libarby and read a cooking book.

Chapter 4.2- Adulthood

Raina went on her second date with Harold and had a massasge.

Raina is becoming a great cook too

Raina made an Igloo

She also enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.

Raina made a potion on the Chemistry table and improved her logic too

Raina searched the skies and found a star. She also improved her logic.

Raina went to the Spring Festival. She took a Spring Themed Photo, Went Skating and went on a egg hunt.

Raina enjoyed watching the stars with Harold.

Raina wanted to jump on the trampoline with her friend Ronald.

Soon Raina was a Young Adult.

Raina got a job

Raina wanted to visit Egypt. She then wanted to learn Photography so bought a skill book and read it.

Chapter 3.2- Family News

Caitlin’s Aunt broke up with another man
She wanted to be Bff’s with Kristofer so invited him over and they became Bff’s

Family news, Her cousin Trevor became a child, Ruby started getting stalked by her ex.

She wanted to invite Kristofer so he came over. She also gave him a gift and mind melded with him but failed to learn anything.
More family news, Amber recently lost her husband to old age and is now dating again.

Caitlin headed down to the spring festival where she redeemed her tickets for a lounger, got her face painted and entered an eating contest.

She also wanted to flirt and have her first kiss so she flirted and kissed Kristofer.
She also invested in the theatre

More news, her cousins had their birthdays,
Soon Caitlin too had her birthday, she’s now an Young Adult whose good and wants to be a home design hot-shot but this may change in the future.

She repaired the dishwasher improving her handiness
She also got a job.

Chapter 2.5- A girl

Opal and Chris are still quite romantic and are always kissing each other.
Opal also has a lot of time now she’s pregnant so works on her skills, she improved her painting
And her cooking
She also made friends with this Celebirty for an opportunity she had
She soon went into labour and headed to the hospital where her daughter was born.
Her sister was also in the hospital and had a little boy

Opal wanted to get married so she got Chris to break up with Genny his wife then they became steady, engaged and married all within a hour

Promotions happened
Little Caitlin became an adorable toddler

More promotions happened
Crystal improved her handiness

Chapter 1.7- Birthdays

Silly Crystal started cooking pancakes then left for work so of course the cooker was set on fire and Parker home alone with four little ones was able to put it out before the firefighters arrived, but the firefighters had to put him out.
Crystal completed another opportunity
She also got promoted
Parker improved his athletic skill
Crystal bonded with the new arrival to her family

She checked herself out
Soon it was birthday time for all the children.
The triplets as children,
Aspen as a toddler,
Crystal and Parker shared a hug.
Opal working on her painting and Parker works on his fitness
I had a chat with Opal about colours of all things.

Chapter 1.6- Imagination


I am so nerdy that I have gained the computer whiz trait



Milo loves the doll’s house too making up stories around the dolls and acting them out


He also likes to pretend to be a racing car driver


Me and Stiles still get our romantic time despite the fact we have two kids now


Stiles cooked himself some hot-dogs


I raked some leaves as our lot was getting quite full of them


Then I jumped in the pile


Stiles improved his logic skill


He also improved his guitar skill


Milo is very studious and does his homework without being nagged, I hope little Mia grows up just like him


I upgraded the computer to unbreakable because I got tired of it constantly needing fixing


Stiles developed his guitar skill even more. What a creative man I married.