Chapter 3.4- Promotions

Caitlin made a writing room and got a good review She got promoted She also made a home gym She meditated Caitlin painted Family news, Aspen’s son Javier is now a toddler, Trevor is a teen who was quick to start dating. Sidney and Aspen are still as romantic as ever. Caitlin created another writingContinue reading “Chapter 3.4- Promotions”

Round 5, Door 2

Welcome back to Door 2 Anabelle paints She goes fishing She mops the floors She jumps on the trampoline She gardens She improves her skill Repairs the bath,Handiness skill is now level 5 She dives in the pool and She then relaxes in it. She throws a pool party where she meets Edwin and theyContinue reading “Round 5, Door 2”

Round 1, Door 3, Part 2

Anabelle has been doing a lot of painting and has nearly mastered the skill She started a fire and had to put it out She headed to France She enjoyed reading She met Andre She tried Nectar She practiced Chess She used a fire pit She unclogged a toilet Upon Returning home, She did theContinue reading “Round 1, Door 3, Part 2”

Chapter 1.6- Imagination

I am so nerdy that I have gained the computer whiz trait   Milo loves the doll’s house too making up stories around the dolls and acting them out He also likes to pretend to be a racing car driver Me and Stiles still get our romantic time despite the fact we have two kidsContinue reading “Chapter 1.6- Imagination”