Chapter 4.10- Passing the Torch

Raina learnt Travis sign Raina and Harold looked at the stars Harold played chess and improved his skill Raina made friends with Aisha, someone she had met in Egpyt Family news, Estevan became a child and I guess Delilah wanted a big family Raina and Harold got promoted They had a pillow fight Katie andContinue reading “Chapter 4.10- Passing the Torch”

Chapter 4.5-Fall

Raina wanted a chat with Oscar so Invited him over. They had a Pillow Fight Raina got promoted Katie got Pregnant and moved in with her Boyfriend Tauras. They soon got married. Raina had fun playing in the ocean She complained about Video Games to Harold. She made Friends with Ronald Raina went to theContinue reading “Chapter 4.5-Fall”

Chapter 3.13- Goodbyes

Raina became a teenager Caitlin did some cleaning Caitlin taught Raina to drive Kristofer got promoted Raina did some laundry Caitlin wrote two new books She had a pillow fight with Baxter. She repaired the bath. She lost her remaining parent to old age. She shared a hug with Kristofer They also had a chatContinue reading “Chapter 3.13- Goodbyes”

Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom

Max stalks his ex and Rae and Husband Chauncey are expecting their first child. Caitlin masters the painting skill She and Kristofer have some fun in the leaves Caitlin plays some chess and improves her skill Caitlin soon found out she was expecting With a baby on the way, the moonstones moves to the moreContinue reading “Chapter 3.7- Baby Boom”

Chapter 2.4- Elders

Opal has become quite close with Christoff and loves to pillow fight with him. She also kissed him too and right in front of his wife getting kicked out the house for inappropriate behaviour. Opal didn’t care and asked Chris to watch the stars with her Amber has found a boyfriend Opal got promoted OpalContinue reading “Chapter 2.4- Elders”

Chapter 2.2- Promotions and Skills

Opal is a friendly sim and finds it easy to start conversations with people she meets when leaving work Ruby started learning martial arts Opal loves the beach, she can play chess there She also learnt to fish there Ruby loves showing off her new moves and practices to become better Opal went swimming ParkerContinue reading “Chapter 2.2- Promotions and Skills”

Round 7, Door 1

Anabelle paints She gets promoted She sings She bluilds an igloo She makes out with Loki She has a pillow fight with Bella She gets promoted She and Loki skate on a lake in their swimwear Anabelle is now an elder She goes to the winter festival Adam is now a teenager Anabelle teaches himContinue reading “Round 7, Door 1”

Chapter 1.8- Family Fun

Stiles improved his Athletic skill I went for a massage at the day spa I went to visit the Winter Festival with Mia and went into Labour. I had a little boy that I called Toby. I returned home and thanked our babysitter for getting Mai home. Then I spent some time bonding with myContinue reading “Chapter 1.8- Family Fun”

Chapter 3.2- Fun Times

Lucille decided to go on a date with Reynoldo at the graveyard of all places. She also decided to try her hand at cooking and attempted to make Mac N cheese. She burnt it but gained a skill level. Lily played games on the computer She also read a book Delvin played video games LolanaContinue reading “Chapter 3.2- Fun Times”