Chapter 3.4- Promotions

Caitlin made a writing room and got a good review She got promoted She also made a home gym She meditated Caitlin painted Family news, Aspen’s son Javier is now a toddler, Trevor is a teen who was quick to start dating. Sidney and Aspen are still as romantic as ever. Caitlin created another writingContinue reading “Chapter 3.4- Promotions”

Round 7, Door 1

Anabelle paints She gets promoted She sings She bluilds an igloo She makes out with Loki She has a pillow fight with Bella She gets promoted She and Loki skate on a lake in their swimwear Anabelle is now an elder She goes to the winter festival Adam is now a teenager Anabelle teaches himContinue reading “Round 7, Door 1”