Chapter 6.6-Skilling

Henry did some painting

Cathleen improved her logic

Cathleen did some moonlighting

Cathleen developed her social networking skill

She collected festival tickets

She took a seasonal picture

she got her face painted

Cathleen mastered the handiness skill

Cathleen had a pillow fight with Sandi

Henry carved a pumpkin

Henry got promoted

Cathleen made an Igloo.

Chapter 4.5-Fall

Raina wanted a chat with Oscar so Invited him over.

They had a Pillow Fight

Raina got promoted

Katie got Pregnant and moved in with her Boyfriend Tauras. They soon got married.

Raina had fun playing in the ocean

She complained about Video Games to Harold.

She made Friends with Ronald

Raina went to the Fall Festival where she took a photo, harvested some pumpkins and explored the haunted house.

Raina enjoyed carving a pumpkin

Raina got promoted

Raina became a Aunt

Raina had a great date with Harold.

Chapter 1.4- Vacation

Crystal called her on call babysitter then headed to China. She enjoyed meeting and making friends with the locals and also some tourists. She earned a badge in Martial Arts after hitting this dummy and making it spin a few times, she gained some Athletic and Martial art skill, she went jogging and nearly broke her hand snapping blocks with her bare hands.

Once she returned home, it was fall and she headed straight down to the festival, she did some apple bobbing, she took a Seasonal Picture, she entered an eating contest which she lost and then ended up throwing up in the bushes.She got a pumpkin painted on her face and redeemed her ticket for two umbrellas.
She had to mop up

She upgraded the toilet and improved her handiness

She invited Parker over, they kissed and soon afterwards married with their three infant daughters and his ex-wife as witnesses.

They left her old house to his ex-wife and moved into parkers home, they added a nursery for the triplets
Parker managed to get himself abducted by aliens
Crystal had snuggled with Ruby
She managed to get all three girls on the same sleep schedule.
She and Parker had some fun
The triplets had their birthday and became adorable toddlers.

Opal and Amber started learning to use words.