Chapter 3.8- More Babies

Kristofer joined the criminal career He and Caitlin tried for their 2nd baby Melanie and Trevor are expecting, Ruby is dating someone new, Caitlin painted She was soon expecting her 2nd child. She did some repairs. Little Raina was soon a toddler who is good and can sleep through anything. Caitlin wanted her to growContinue reading “Chapter 3.8- More Babies”

Chapter 3.6- Families

Caitlin got promoted Family news, Ruby broke up with Enrique again, Max and Rae had their birthdays and are now young adults. Caitlin wanted to work out and improved her athletic skill. More family news, Javier is now a child, Stuart and Melanie are dating, Rae and Chauncey got married and moved in together. VanceContinue reading “Chapter 3.6- Families”