Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch

Andrew was soon a child. He likes to be happy Aiden tried cooking I made a snowpal Father and Son dance party Aiden enjoys painting I love the snow Aidan had his birthday I did some planting I read a vampire book I mentored my husband and son in music I achieved my dream andContinue reading “Chapter 3.5- Passing the torch”

Chapter 3.4-Romance

I cooked some dinner Soon Andrew was a toddler He likes pretending to drive He also enjoys blocks play I watched some tv I mastered the guitar skill I cooked dinner I hugged my son Andrew enjoys playing with dolls too I embraced Aiden I am now an adult I spoke with Andy about hisContinue reading “Chapter 3.4-Romance”

Chapter 3.3- Sad Goodbyes

I wrote a song Me and Mum did some cloud gazing I went swimming Fiona is now a teen Mum got promoted I got some honey I kissed Aiden We got engaged I was soon pregnant Andrew was born I got abducted by aliens Fiona drowned in the pool, mum died in the kitchen tooContinue reading “Chapter 3.3- Sad Goodbyes”

Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun

Mum got promoted I worked on my piano skill I made a snowpal with Fiona I also made a snow angel I did some painting I made a snowpal with mum Dad died I looked at paintings in the museum I went ice-skating Mum became an elder I met Aiden We did some cloudgazing MumContinue reading “Chapter 3.2- Winter Fun”

Chapter 3.1- Starting Out

I enjoy making music with my guitar Mum is still the main cook I cook sometimes too Mum got promoted I also enjoy swimming Fiona likes to keep my parents on thier toes Mum and Dad can be embarrassing sometimes with their romance. Mum also enjoys cleaning My baby sister is now a child DadContinue reading “Chapter 3.1- Starting Out”

Chapter 2.8- Passing the torch

I have been feeling broody lately and wanted another baby Fran likes playing near me as i work on my comedy I made a snowpal with Fran I did some repairs We spoke about her continuing our family legacy I repaired the bathroom sink Little Fiona was born Frank became a young adult and movedContinue reading “Chapter 2.8- Passing the torch”

Chapter 2.7- Free Day

I repaired the bathroom sink I took Fran to the beach and we had lots of fun playing in the sand Fran was soon a child she loves art and being creative Mum died of old age Hello, Master controller here, there was enough points so I took over for the day. I got DaisyContinue reading “Chapter 2.7- Free Day”

Chapter 2.6- Family News

Fran loves this block table and can spend hours playing there My husband had his birthday I did some cleaning, Fran loves to decorate with her food she loves stories too I am still active enough to play with my children I also enjoy playing in leaf piles snuggle time teaching my daughter some newContinue reading “Chapter 2.6- Family News”

Chapter 2.5- Sociable times

Dad died My daughter and heir was born, Meet Francesa I carved a pumkin Mum had another birthday My sister’s son also had a birthday I still spend a lot of time with my eldest I also enjoy relaxing in the pool I repaired the bathroom sink Fran became a toddler she loves my funnyContinue reading “Chapter 2.5- Sociable times”

Chapter 2.4- Fun Times

Finn likes to mop the garden Frank loves physical games He also loves to chatter away Stories are another thing he loves I changed my dream Me and Finn had some fun I did some dancing Basil had his birthday and moved out Frank is now an child He also enjoys dancing My sister gotContinue reading “Chapter 2.4- Fun Times”