Hi, Everyone. This site is where I will be hosting all my sims 3 Wishancy Stories. Basically a Wishancy is lead by the sim and their wishes and its a great way to play.

The Official rules are here

I play on a custom Normal lifespan so Babies 2 days, Toddlers- 6 Children 7 Teens 12, YA and Adults – 23 and Elders- 17

I use the following mods, Dreamer (lets you gain points for non-locked wishes so free say will be when sims hit 100,000 points,) w00-hoooer (allows sims to have autonomus woo-hoo and try for baby as well as risky and quads.) Master controller, storyprogression, saver (forces me to save as I forget quite a lot then game crashes) Shooless, sleepfreedom, relativity and register. Also a mod to give more realistic chance of Multiples, a bunkbed mod and a scolding mod.