Chapter 1.3- Panicking Males


Stiles first attempt at cooking also caused burnt offerings


Being Neat, Stiles loves to clean which I love because I hated cleaning toilets


I soon found out I was expecting my first child, I want a girl and Stiles wants a boy


Being Pregnant, I get a lot of backaches but Stiles is always there to massage me


We also love watching the stars together, he likes telling me the names of the stars


We also love to chat about everything


When I went into Labour, Stiles had a panic attack so I caught a taxi to the hospital. We had a lovely daughter Mai- Jaye who loves being outside and is easily Impressed.


Stiles soon got over his panic and adores his new daughter despite the fact he wanted a son


I wanted to improve my nerd influence so I played some video games.


I cooked some waffles and they came out quite nice for a first attempt.


Stiles went for a swim in the ocean


I challenged Stiles to a trivia contest and lost.

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