Chapter 1.2- Skill Bluilding


Me and Stiles try to spend some time together but our work shifts clash, mine finishes and an hour later he starts, he’s in the music business. I did find some time to show off my super massaging skills.


I also got another promotion. Soon I may be able to afford some better appliances


Finally, on Thursday, it was Leisure day and no one was working, instead of visiting the festival, I went to see Stiles. I finally got my kiss and managed to persuade Stiles to go steady and then marry me all in one afternoon.


 I now wanted a baby so we returned to our humble home and tried for a baby.


I wanted to impress Stiles with my culinary expertise so I made a salad then we chatted.


I also wanted to have a pillow fight and we did, I won too


I then wanted to repair the computer, it constantly seems to be breaking down


Stiles became a celeb just for becoming my husband


He also took a painting class and gained a painting skill


He wanted to learn handiness so he fixed the computer when it broke again


I improved my charisma skill and now have more interesting ways to greet people


Stiles started a painting that may never be finished.

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