Chapter 1.1-Hello Sunset Valley


Hello and welcome to The Blomonge Wishancy, a legacy that runs for 7 generations and that is run by the sims themselves. I am Ariane and I will be founding this Legacy.  I am excitable, love to read, a romantic at heart, love family and enjoy fixing and upgrading things. I would like to have a big family.


I randomly rolled a dice to chose a town to start my new life in and ended up in Sunset Valley of all places, I chose to buy this modest starter that is on quite a big lot so I can expand as I and my family when I have one earn more money.


I then explored my new place, I love the new chairs


I want a job with children because I just adore kids so I headed down to the local school and got a job as a playground monitor


I then wanted to tell someone about my new job so I headed to the local park where I ran into this lady and we spoke about our careers


I then wanted to learn how to fix things so I headed to the library and read a handiness book.


I soon managed to get the handiness skill up another level


I also became a bit of a celeb around here by just learning skills


I wished to marry someone so I headed to the gym to scout out future spouse and ran into Stiles. I really hit it off with him wanting to chat and kiss him and also go on a date.


Stiles had to go to work and I was feeling peckish. I headed home to cook myself some mac n cheese. I did burn it but oh well, I had never cooked before


I soon got a promotion.

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