Chapter 1.1- A New Start


Well, I finished my old Wishancy the blomonges, a while ago and decided to start a new one, Meet Lavender Butterfly, She’s a Hopeless Romantic, Handy, neat, artistic and a heavy sleeper and she wants to be a Star News Anchor.

She is starting her legacy in the beautiful town in this starter house which will be added onto as her family grows and money too.


She went to the local offices and got a job in the Journalist career.


She then wanted to learn the street art skill so did some murals on the floor outside the offices.


She wanted to make a friend so she headed to the local park where she meet Gerardo and they were soon friends.


She returned home and cooked some dinner.


She wanted to hang out with Gerry and met him at a local club where they chatted and watched the stars together.


She wished to write a novel so she created a science fiction book on the computer. She also improved her writing skill.


She also did some painting


She worked out

She wanted to hang out with Gerry so she met him at the park. She then invited him over for pillow fighting and some woo-hoo.


She then wished to do woo-hoo again so try for baby it was.


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